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'Woke' Mob Swarms Allen West, Screams 'Black Lives Matter'

by Neon Nettle

Leftists attack West after giving speech, accuse black politician of being ‘racist’

lt  col  allen west was swarmed by  woke  mobs who called him  racist

Lt. Col. Allen West was swarmed by ‘woke’ mobs who called him ‘racist’

Lt. Col. Allen West was swarmed by woke mobs screaming Black Lives Matter after giving a speech this week.

West, who is black, had to be escorted out of a building on the University of Buffalo campus Thursday night as leftists attacked him and called him “racist.”

The far-left students swarmed the guest speaker and reportedly chased a conservative student, all after attempting to disrupt the Q&A session and reception following West’s lecture.

An estimated 200 protesters were gathered outside the venue where West was speaking, according to video footage and reporting from Young America’s Foundation (YAF), the group sponsoring West’s speech.

Police officers escorted West to a squad car and took him to his hotel after he made his way out of the campus facility through screaming protesters.

West gave a speech titled “America is Not Racist.”

the mob chanted  black lives matter  at allen west  who is black

The mob chanted ‘Black Lives Matter’ at Allen West, who is black

Footage from the night shows angry protesters screaming racial chants, like “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace.”

They also later screamed “Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud” at West as he was escorted out of the building.

After the conservative’s speech, one female student, who is black, made reference to West’s black skin and scolded him for “ignoring the struggle of your own people” and validating the conservative views of other students, whom she referred to as “oppressors.”

The female continued to berate West, repeatedly calling him an “embarrassment” and saying she does not want to hear his responses to her numerous grievances, which mostly stemmed from West being black and conservative and highlighting the problem of fatherlessness in black homes.

According to YAF, some of the students also “attempted to break down the doors to the reception following the event.” 

“The speech went on peacefully, but leftists attempted to take charge of the Q&A session––which is when the situation devolved.

“It became a tug-of-war with the microphone, as vitriolic leftists attempted to hijack the conversation and flung insults at West,” the YAF report said. 

Moreover, one student claimed they were chased by “the mob” of leftist protesters on campus.

“I am unbelievably disturbed that I was chased by a leftist mob and scared for my life on my college campus all for hosting Lt. Col. Allen West, a conservative speaker,” Therese Purcell told YAF.

“I was aggressively chased by about 200 angry protesters and had to hide in a men’s bathroom from screaming leftists who were searching for me.

“The assault on free speech at University at Buffalo by an angry mob is incredibly unacceptable. ”

the aggressive mob swarmed allen west as he left the building over claims he s  racist

The aggressive mob swarmed Allen West as he left the building over claims he’s ‘racist’

YAF Program Officer for Campus Advancement Gianna Milaro said what unfolded was “pandemonium,” adding that she feared for the safety of West and other students.

“At many times throughout the night, I was legitimately worried about West’s and the students’ physical safety due to the angry mob berating and banging on the doors,” she said, according to YAF.

“It’s not immediately clear why UB did not have more officers stationed at the event to ensure student safety,” the report added.

“This despicable attack on conservative students prove exactly why YAF’s campus lectures are needed––to pop the liberal bubble and expose the hideous reality of the intolerant Left.” 


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