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WHAT? Democrats Have Banned ‘Climate Change’ as Presidential Debate Focus

by J.C McCallum
WHAT? Democrats Have Banned ‘Climate Change’ as Presidential Debate Focus

Despite nearly every Democrat in and out of the hunt for the White House exclaiming that climate change is a “crisis,” the Democrat Party has announced that climate change will not be a focus at the Democrat presidential debates this year.

According to Politico the Democrat National committee has “opted” to ignore climate change in the upcoming debates ahead of the 2020 Democrat primaries.

Hopeless candidate Jay Inslee — a nobody that thinks he’s running for president along with 25 others — told Politico that the DNC has refused his request to dedicate at least one full debate to climate change.


Inslee, who has foolishly made climate change the central point of his tractionless campaign, denounced the DNC for its decision.

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“The DNC is silencing the voices of Democratic activists, many of our progressive partner organizations, and nearly half of the Democratic presidential field who want to debate the existential crisis of our time,” Inslee told Politico. “The climate crisis merits a full discussion of our plans, not a short exchange of talking points.”

Left-wingers, though, are furious at the DNC for the decision.

As Politico noted:

“This is an outrage,” the Sunrise Movement said in a tweet. “This is an emergency. We need @TheDemocrats to act like it.”

The Sierra Club and Tom Steyer’s NextGen America also urged the DNC to reconsider.

“This is a deeply disappointing decision,” the Sierra Club said in a tweet. “Democratic candidates are offering strong, bold climate plans that contrast sharply with Trump’s inaction & the public deserves to hear them discussed in depth.”

The DNC’s move comes despite the fact that the left’s It Girl, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has proclaimed climate change to be “our WWII.”

In January, Ocasio-Cortez insisted that climate change is her generation’s World War Two… of course, World War Two was EVERYONE’S World War Two, but… you know.

A long list of Democrats has joined Ocasio-Cortez in her child-like alarmism, too. From former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to billionaire Democrat activist Tom Steyer, to many of those now running for president such as Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Bernie Sanders, many Democrats have jumped on board the climate change bandwagon.

So, with all this pressure, why did the DNC just nix the idea of pushing the issue hard during the 2020 debates?

Apparently, the DNC is reading the polls to find that fewer Americans every year are falling for the mythical religion of globaloney.

Pew Research, for instance, recently reported that almost half of Americans (47%) think the reports on global warming in the media is “made up news” (i.e. fake news).

“U.S. adults are more likely to say that ‘made-up news/info’ is a big problem than they are to identify climate change, racism, terrorism, or sexism as such, according to a study out from the Pew Research Center Wednesday: Fifty percent of those surveyed said made-up news (the artist formerly known as ‘fake news’) is a ‘very big problem’ in the United States. By comparison, 46 percent called climate change a ‘very big problem’; 40 percent said the same about racism; 34 percent said the same about terrorism.”

Another polling firm, the Gallup Group, has found that worries about globalwarming have pretty much remained steady. In other words, Americans are not becoming increasingly worried about the issue.

Apparently the DNC is afraid of making their candidates look like screaming communists by focusing on globaloney for an entire debate as they would likely vie to outdo each other in destructive, anti-capitalist, anti-American policy proposals.

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1 comment

Freeland_Dave June 7, 2019 - 15:39

The party is trying not to appear stupid before the American Public.

Sorry but they burnt that bridge long ago so this last minute damage control won’t help them.

With their non-crisis stance on our illegal alien problem at our borders, North and South, coupled with their focus on ‘stolen’ vote, Russian tampering, transgender, gay, black, abortion, God, Socialism, education, history and wage issues they have on the table, their ‘stupid’ cup hath ran over and the American Public is finally getting wise to their lies and are starting to see and acknowledge that stupidity.

A hearty thank you and a tip if the hat to Hillary, Dianne, Maxine, Jay, Pete, Joe, Elizabeth, Bernie, Barack & company, and all their friends in the MSM, in particular CNN, NBC and ABC, for their excellent assistance.

OH, I almost forgot to include Omar and, very importantly, the new face of the Democrat party, AOC who daily exposes the comic clown like notions provided by the ‘Green Deal’ the DNC has the common sense to lace in the waste bin where it belongs. You couldn’t have got a better person that so perfectly portrays and represents the Democrat party. Please pardon my obvious failure to acknowledge all of the others I have left out but I don’t want to exceed the allotted space for this comment. All of you have done a good job at bringing this about. (Golf clap in the background.)

MAGA, Trump gets re-elected and Congress back in the control of politicians who are marginally saner. All starting in the Free Constitutional Republic in which you reside.


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