Home News Watch: Woke Teacher Is Unhinged Over Masks! Vulgar Tirade, Threatens To Arrest Student , ‘Your A Piece Of…

Watch: Woke Teacher Is Unhinged Over Masks! Vulgar Tirade, Threatens To Arrest Student , ‘Your A Piece Of…

by Paul Goldberg
Watch: Woke Teacher Is Unhinged Over Masks! Vulgar Tirade, Threatens To Arrest Student , ‘Your A Piece Of…

An unhinged teacher has been caught on video going on a vulgar tirade and threatened to call the police on 16 year old student.

In May a Wisconsin teacher was put on leave after she screamed at student for not wearing a mask. “Fine. I don’t care if you’re vaccinated you little dink’, the teacher shouts. ‘I don’t want to get sick and die. There’s other people you can infect, just because you’re vaccinated.”

The Wisconsin teacher was placed on leave.

 The nations largest teachers’ union in the country is going after a stay at home mom in Rhode Island because he is seeking access to public documents. 

Stay at home mom, Nicole Solas posted, “I just got served with a lawsuit from the teacher union NEARI. Throwing down the gauntlet, are we? Game on.”

Solas added, “Today the teacher union NEA filed ANOTHER lawsuit against me —this time a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction. Will teacher unions bullying moms be an everyday thing now?”

Solas has been in a war with her local school district and this spring got them to back down after they tried to sue her. 

Below is a summary of her battle from In Defense of Liberty blog: 

In April, Nicole emailed the principal of her school in the South Kingstown School District asking for the kindergarten curriculum—and whether it would include teaching children politically charged materials, including those influenced by Critical Race Theory and gender theory, holding them out to be true. She immediately faced stonewalling from the school, and even a threat of legal action for asking too many questions. Ultimately, Nicole received a bill for $74,000 to fulfill a public records request filed by the Goldwater Institute on her behalf in July.

“The NEA is so determined to push its political agenda that they are willing to expose themselves in a court of law for who they really are: an association of bullies eager to challenge a stay-at-home mom who simply wanted to know what her daughter would be taught. This lawsuit won’t deter me from asking questions, and I encourage all parents to do the same, so that they are empowered to make informed decisions regarding their children’s education,” Solas stated. 

Attorney Jon Riches, Director of National Litigation at the Goldwater Institute, who represents Solas said, “This brazen and unprecedented act of intimidation by the NEA will not stand. Nicole Solas is entitled to know what her daughter’s school is teaching in the classroom. She’s entitled to ask questions. And she does not deserve to face legal action just for asking questions any concerned parent would ask.”

The NEA-RI is seek a temporary restraining order to keep Solas from getting public records that she is paying for out of pocket. 

Solas was investigating why teachers were no longer referring to students as boys and girls. 

“Additionally, I was told a kindergarten teacher asks 5-year-olds, ‘What could have been done differently on the first Thanksgiving’ in order to build upon a ‘line of thinking about history.’”

Solas then began investigating and started filing requests for public documents. Earlier this summer the school district dropped a lawsuit against her. The lawsuit by the NEA-RI seems to be the next phase of the attack on this stay at home mother searching for the truth. 

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Written by Staff Writer

September 5, 2021

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