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Watch: Trey Gowdy Roasts Comey, “When It Snows In Hell…”

by Paul Goldberg
Watch: Trey Gowdy Roasts Comey, “When It Snows In Hell…”

Former Congressman and now Fox News Contributor Trey Gowdy unloaded on Comey during an appearance on Fox News. Gowdy was being interviewed by former congressman and colleague of Trey Gowdy Jason Chaffetz who was guest-hosting for Sean Hannity:

JASON CHAFFETZ, ‘HANNITY’ GUEST HOST: And while Comey may have escorted prosecution on this narrow issue, serious potential legal troubles still loom because remember, yesterday’s report was narrow in scope and just a small part of what is coming in the weeks ahead. Two other ongoing probes led by Horowitz and U.S. Attorney John Durham are leaking at serious allegations of FISA abuse and the real origins of the Russia probe.

Don’t forget, James Comey swore that the evidence in the FISA application and multiple renewals was true and accurate. But the evidence was not true and it was not accurate. And it was never verified.

So day by day, we are inching closer and closer to truth and justice to hold those that abuse power accountable. And James Comey, the self- proclaimed super-patriot, has been exposed as a corrupt, deep state bureaucrat, whose higher loyalty is to nobody but himself.

Joining me now for a reaction to all of this is former congressman and FOX News contributor Trey Gowdy. I served with Mr. Gowdy on the Congress, and it was a pleasure to do so.

And, Trey, I appreciate you coming here. I still — I love the glasses. It’s a good look. It’s a good look.

TREY GOWDY, CONTRIBUTOR: I love you too, Jason. Thank you. Thank you.

CHAFFETZ: Thank you.

You’ve read through the report. You’ve dealt personally with Mister — Director Comey called me over a series of years. What’s your takeaway from what Mr. Horowitz concluded?

GOWDY: Well, he is a two-time offender. Remember, Horowitz also is dinged him for his handling of the Clinton email investigations. So, now, how he gets dinged in the other major cases he handled in 2016.

I never said Comey would or should go to jail. I’m certainly not going to apologize to anyone who violated FBI and Department of Justice policy, who violated an employment agreement, who shared sensitive information about an ongoing investigation, who sent classified information to an unauthorized person and then had amnesia when the FBI came to his home to try to retrieve government property.

I’m not going to apologize but I will give him a piece of unsolicited advice. Jason, you referenced Comey’s obsession with his higher ethical standings than the rest of us have. So here’s my advice: you should aspire to more in life than simply skating by without having been indicted. If that is your goal in life to just not meet every essential element of a criminal offense and you think you should be congratulated and apologized to for simply because you were not indicted, you better give back some of those higher loyalties speaking fees.

CHAFFETZ: Yes, you know, it’s interesting this little nuance part about when the FBI did go to his home. You know, as an FBI director, he does get a SCIF, as secured compartmental information facility, but he evidently took this information and didn’t keep it there. He kept it in his own personal safe supposedly.

That’s a real problem, right? Imagine if every federal employee did that.

GOWDY: Well, it’s not a problem if you consider it to be your own personal diary. So, I mean, it depends on what the record said. To the record say, dear diary, Congress was mean to me today but I didn’t get talk to the president, that might be a personal diary.

That’s not what this was. He is talking to his boss. He’s talking to the head of the executive branch and then he memorializes it into public record. No matter what he calls it, that record belongs to the United States. So, he can call it a diary like a birthday card and other correspondence but nobody other than Jim Comey considers that to be personal.

CHAFFETZ: But do you think there was the accountability and the consequence? You know, the criticism here is that if somebody else had done this, they would be in handcuffs. They would be going to jail.

But is Lady Justice being fair and right here? And did he — is he being held accountable?

GOWDY: Well, Jason, I’m very sensitive to that. When our fellow citizens think we have a two-track justice system, either for the famous or the not famous or the rich or the poor, then we are in trouble as a republic.

I would tell my fellow citizens this, we have to have other ways of meeting on a calendar ability other than simply indictments. You know, Hillary Clinton was never indicted. She was never charged, therefore never guilty of a crime, but yet the American jury in 2016 meted out a consequence.

Jim Comey, whether he likes it or not, all of his past in the Southern District of New York, all of his past at Main Justice, all of his time as an FBI director, some of which I agreed with, all of that will be forgotten. Gone and history will be all of our judges but they will judge Jim Comey based on the fact that he got dinged on both of the major investigations he was handling in 2016 by the inspector general. That will be the accountability and that’s what history will remember about Jim Comey.

CHAFFETZ: Last quick question for you. Mr. Comey actually expects you to apologize. Are you ready to apologize tonight?

GOWDY: What temperature is it in hell right now? Is it snowing?

When it snows in hell, you let me know. Why would I apologize to somebody who has been dinged on both of the major investigations by a guy like Michael Horowitz who is hardly a Republican? He was picked by Obama and confirmed by the Senate, I think without a dissenting vote.


GOWDY: That’s who said he was screwed up, Jim Comey. It wasn’t a Republican congressman.

CHAFFETZ: Yes. No, a couple —


CHAFFETZ: I think you and I were both on that bandwagon but you’re right. Horowitz, an impeccable credential appointed by Obama and confirmed unanimously by the United States Senate. Even Comey praised the inspector general. He’s now been on the receiving end of two inspector general reports and more to come.

GOWDY: Two, he’s a two-time career offender.


GOWDY: Three strikes and you’re out.

CHAFFETZ: That’s right. Well, he’s out now, thank goodness. Mr. Gowdy, thank you again for joining us.

GOWDY: Agreed. Thank you.

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Written by Staff WriterSeptember 1, 2019

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Charlie September 2, 2019 - 11:44

If Comey escapes justice, it will because of RINO word warriors like Gowdy. The GOP led Congress refused to hold any of these liars accountable. Gowdy has assisted with the destruction of the Republic by enabling the destruction of the judicial system by these communist plants and shills. But, hey, he’s got cushy gigs bloviating on Controlled opp.FOX.

Moira September 2, 2019 - 13:11

the FBI under Obama became a political tool. They spied on and tried to create a false story about collusion against a political opponent. They also used it to spy on and harass and threaten certain journalists who did not toe the line So I guess we in the USA are as corrupt as other crap hole countries around the world. Also under Obama the IRS was used to threaten and go after political opponents and small groups like the tea party – conservatives.
this is not happening under Trump and is not happening now. But the liberal press considers the corruption of the Obama administration god like


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