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Watch: Tom Cotton Unleashes Fire & Leaves AG Merrick Garland Fuming

by Paul Goldberg
Watch: Tom Cotton Unleashes Fire & Leaves AG Merrick Garland Fuming

Holy cow!!!

Senator Tom Cotton unleashed fire and left Merrick Garland speechless.

Garland testified before the Senate to give an explanation on the task force created to crack down on parents protesting at school board meetings.

“This testimony, your directive, your performance is shameful,” Cotton said. “Thank God, you’re not on the Supreme Court. You should resign in disgrace, judge.”

Garland tried to claim that the memo was not about parents objecting school boards only about preventing “violence against school officials.”

“This memorandum is not about parents being able to object in their school boards,” Garland said. “They are protected by the First Amendment, as long as there are no threats of violence, they are completely protected. So parents can object to their school boards, about curriculum, about the treatment of their children, about school policies, all of that is 100 percent protected by the First Amendment and there is nothing in this memorandum contrary to that. We are only trying to prevent violence against school officials.”

In the video below you can watch the heated exchange, Cotton wouldn’t let Garland respond and put him in his place.

The National School Board Associate has since apologized for the letter after backlash from educators around the country.

“On behalf of NSBA, we regret and apologize for this letter. . . . There was no justification for some of the language included in this letter,” it read.

As of Tuesday Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania School Board groups withdrew from the NSBA after they sent a letter to the Biden administration comparing parents to domestic terrorists.

“The NSBA demonstrated just how out of touch the national association is with the concerns of local school boards and the principle of local control,” the Ohio school board group wrote.

Senator Ben Sasse also ripped Garland in a back and forth.

“Why did the Ohio school board association disassociate from the National School Board Association?,” Sasse asked.

“I don’t know,” Garland replied. “Because this was political hackery,” Sasse shot back. “Local law enforcement is more than able to handle one idiot or twelve idiots at local school board meetings.”

“But you have made it a federal issue and I have no idea why,” Sasse added.

The Senator then demanded that Garland report back to the Committee to share the findings his task force to assess for Congress “how big of a threat parents really pose.”

I know a lot of you have mixed emotions about Mitch McConnell but we should thank him everyday for not allowing Garland on the Supreme Court.

Yahoo News | The Hill

Written by Staff Writer

October 27, 2021

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