Home News WATCH: Thomas Massie weighs in on newest bill for coronavirus relief funds, with so much common sense!

WATCH: Thomas Massie weighs in on newest bill for coronavirus relief funds, with so much common sense!

by J.C McCallum

Thomas Massie was on with Neil Cavuto today to discuss the new coronavirus relief bill that’s going to be at minimum $250 billion, as well as the fact that they again want to pass this bill with unanimous consent.


Massie posted this video on his Twitter today with the following text: “Here comes the next big spending bill. Again, Pelosi wants to try and keep Congress at home and pass it in an empty chamber with no record. If a majority of Congress can’t or won’t come to DC, we should temporarily allow remote recorded votes. Taxpayers need transparency!”

Massie is clearly against another unanimous consent vote, which makes me wonder if he’ll head back to DC to make his voice heard again like he did before. As he said in the text, he believes Pelosi enabling remote voting is the answer so that they don’t have constitutional quorum issues again.

He tweeted this yesterday to further make his point:

Cavuto also asked Massie what he thinks about the extra relief funds needed because the program has become so popular. I loved Massie’s answer, which was: “Well imagine that you come up with a program that gives away free money. Of course it’s going to be in high demand! …As long as the government gives away free money, there’s going to be no lack of demand for that.” Common sense!

He of course predicted that the next bill, no matter how much it ends up being, is going to run out as well. Because the government is giving away free money!

Massie himself said that he’s against the bill and believes that we need to get people back to work instead of just giving away free money. More common sense!

Lastly I’ll note that after getting maligned by so many 10 days ago, including Trump, Massie said he did call the president to see if they could put it behind them. He said Trump couldn’t take his call so he left a message. Yeah, I bet Trump couldn’t take his call. After the way he derided Massie, which was in such poor taste, I’ve no doubt he wouldn’t take his call.

Cavuto tried to bait Massie into saying that both Trump and McConnell were part of the swamp, but Massie suggested he’s made enough enemies for now and declined. Watch the video for more…

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