Home News WATCH: Stephen Smith calls Tebow’s return to the NFL “White Privilege”

WATCH: Stephen Smith calls Tebow’s return to the NFL “White Privilege”

by Paul Goldberg
WATCH: Stephen Smith calls Tebow’s return to the NFL "White Privilege"

Sounding off on ESPN, Stephen Smith called Time Tebow’s return to the NFL “white privilege.”

“If I’m gonna bring up white privilege when I brought up Steve Nash getting the job in Brooklyn, is this not an example of white privilege?” Smith said.

He then asked “What brother do you know that’s getting this opportunity?”

“Now that makes people uncomfortable because we’re talking about race. “Let me be the first to say, I don’t give a damn how you feel. I mean what I say. It is white privilege,” he added.


Earlier this month,fFans of Colin Kaepernick are angered that Tebow will be returning to the NFL while Colin Kaepernick has not yet.

Some of the backlash from Kaepernick supporters included:

“I just vomited. Tebow gets chance after chance because he is a white Christian try hard guy but Kaep gets blackballed for kneeling. Smdh. Now watch all the networks breathlessly cover this crap.”

Tebow – Hasn’t played in the NFL since 2012. Gets another shot.

Kaepernick – Hasn’t played since 2016. Gets nothing.

What’s the difference? Can’t seem to put my finger on it…

“Colin Kaepernick seeing Tim Tebow get another shot in the NFL before he did”

Matt Walsh had another take, writing “People like Tim Tebow because he’s grateful, positive, and humble. They hate Kaepernick because he’s a sullen, spoiled, rotten little brat. Both are immensely privileged. Only one responds with gratitude. People like that one and not the other. Not that hard to understand.”

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