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Watch: Sen. Ted Cruz Lays Waste To Biden And The White House Is Fuming

by Paul Goldberg
Watch: Sen. Ted Cruz Lays Waste To Biden And The White House Is Fuming

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is going toe to toe with the Biden administration on the border chaos and the White House doesn’t know how to respond.

He sent a tweet this past week that has gotten him in the spotlight with the media.
His tweet focused on how the Biden administration has failed to enforce the border and because
of their ineptness, the Mexican cartel can openly traffic drugs and sex victims into the United
States. There is almost no impunity for these criminals.
The inaction from the White House is causing the exploitation of teenage girls and young women
for sex trafficking.
“We heard multiple reports of something, I’ll be candid, I had never heard of before until today
— something called a rape tree, which are trees where the traffickers would violently rape young
women and then hang their undergarments in the tree as a trophy,” Cruz said on Friday.
This information from Cruz is backed up by Amnesty International. They report that
approximately 60% of the women and girls who try to cross the southern border are raped. One
Border Patrol agent wrote: “I came upon a velvet mesquite tree draped in women’s lingerie.
Faded pink bras and lacy black panties drooped from the twisted limbs. The Border Patrol calls
these ‘rape trees.’ It’s difficult to know whether these displays are merely symbolic of a
woman’s vulnerability in this place or are the actual trophies of sexual violence. Either way,
women who understand the risks of this desert sometimes ingest morning-after pills before even
attempting to cross.”
Under former President Donald Trump, human trafficking was a priority. Even the mainstream
media had to eventually give Trump credit for trying to do something.
CNN reported this, “President Donald Trump’s anti-human trafficking stance has become a
hallmark of his administration. Daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump has spurred the president’s
investment in anti-trafficking measures since the beginning of his term. She called trafficking an
‘ugly stain on civilization’ at the unveiling of the Trafficking in Persons report at the State
Department in 2017.”
But the Biden administration is failing miserably, and Sen. Ted Cruz is calling them out.

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July 27, 2022

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