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Watch: Protestors March Into ‘Vaccinated Only’ Area

by Paul Goldberg
Watch: Protestors March Into ‘Vaccinated Only’ Area

Americans are fed up and a group of protestors entered a “vaccinated only” food court in Staten Island chanting “USA, USA.”

Americans tired of Hollywood parading maskless as our children are subjugated to nonsense like the image below.

Meanwhile, in Europe countries are starting to come to their senses…

Things in Australia are looking more bleaker by the day.

It appears that health officials in Australia are enjoying their new found power and will not be letting it go, the nation is now a police state.

In the video below an officer questions the reporter over the fact that he has a fresh haircut and suspects he may have been involved in “illegal haircutting.”

The video below is not a joke.

If you are curious how the mainstream media is reacting to the use of force in Australia check out the post below. Olivia Jenkins is a journalist in Melbourne posting the video of the couple above that didn’t wear their mask outside on the beach. Jenkins describes them as “a hostile couple.”

Written by Staff Writer

September 26, 2021

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