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WATCH: Local CBS Newser tested voting by mail and found big problems…

by J.C McCallum

A local CBS News affiliate did a vote-by-mail experiment to find out what might happen when people vote by mail in November. In short, 3% of ballots went missing.


Trump just tweeted this video for everyone to see saying “Check out this Mail-In Voting experiment by a local news station!” And he’s right, it demonstrates how things can go wrong, just from the USPS side of things.

First, when the newser went to pick up the 100 ballots he mailed to a specific post office box, he was told they couldn’t be found. He’d gotten a notice in his PO Box to come pick them up, but they were missing. He finally got a manager to do a more thorough search and they were found.

But not all of them. In the end, three of the ballots were missing. He noted that may not seem like a lot, but said that’s 3 percent of voters whose votes didn’t count, and in a close election that could be significant.

Not to mention he got other people’s mail sorted into his votes.

Again, this just represents the potential failure rate from the USPS side of things. This doesn’t count all of the ballots that will just magically appear in someone’s trunk from people long dead. The potential for mistakes and fraud is incredible, but Democrats aren’t stupid. They know this, which is why they are pushing for this and using COVID as an excuse to make it seem reasonable.

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