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WATCH: Leftists March On Home Of ICE Colorado Warden

by J.C McCallum
WATCH: Leftists March On Home Of ICE Colorado Warden

Protesters against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) flocked to the home of Johnny Choate, warden of the Aurora, Colorado ICE facility on Thursday night, chanting “Abolish ICE!”

Prior to the protest, the group Abolish ICE enthused on Facebook, “Join us in confronting a high-level immigration-enforcement official at their home! We will also be canvassing their neighborhood and informing their neighbors about their role in the inhumane organization they work for.” Matthew Wozniak, an organizer with Abolish ICE, stated, “This is the next step in our work towards changing the system and bringing justice towards millions of families … We need to force the dialogue on folks that are so far not interested in hearing what we have to say.”

Abolish ICE Denver wrote on September 7 that high level officials were “shaking in their boots.” They wrote on Facebook:

People have been asking about ways to get involved in protesting the deplorable conditions and human rights abuses at the ICE concentration camp in Aurora, CO.

This camp is notorious for numerous outbreaks and quarantines, coverups, medical neglect, torture via solitary confinement (up to nine months) of trans, gay, and mentally ill captives, and was one of 4 camps nationwide that was recently reprimanded by *Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security* for human rights abuses. That’s unbelievably bad.

The protests, marches, and vigils are working –– high-level officials are shaking in their boots right now, knowing that the people of Colorado are continuing to escalate our DEMANDS for justice for the people held inside GEO.

We plan to peacefully assemble and exercise our First Amendment rights outside the home of Johnny Choate in Aurora, CO. Bring a sign, poster, musical instrument, and all your righteous rage and let’s make sure every one of his neighbors knows exactly what they are living next to.

Please share this infographic and invite a friend or 9! Human rights only come alive when we protest, organize, strike and rebel in order to uphold justice!

The Washington Examiner reported that Colorado GOP Chairman Ken Buck stated, “The planned protest outside Warden Choate’s home by extreme anti-ICE protesters goes beyond the pale. Groups like Abolish ICE have demonstrated they have little regard for the rule of law, and the threatening nature of this protest should be taken very seriously. It should not be difficult for elected officials from either party to speak out against this blatant attempt to terrorize Mr. Choate, his family, and his neighbors.”

Acting Field Director for ICE John Fabbricatore told Denver7, “The intent is really on the safety of our officers. So there’s been a lot of rhetoric that has come out on various things that our officers are either unsafe or they’re not doing the right thing by the immigrant population and that is very much untrue.”

Colorado state Rep. Patrick Neville tweeted on Thursday night, “This is horrendous and awful. These thugs are threatening this man and his family at his private residence. Have they no decency? Where is GovofCO? Condemn this behavior!”

The Colorado House Republicans echoed, “Radicals are marching on the home of an honorable man tonight. Yet, we still have radio silence from @GovofCO. We’re waiting, Governor. Denounce the radical and violent left now.”

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Moira September 22, 2019 - 17:03

welcome to the liberal side of life, where diversity is celebrated and all voices are heard. Not

Freeland_Dave September 22, 2019 - 21:48

The more dierse you are De Verse it gets.

CurlyJ555 September 22, 2019 - 20:16

There is existing law it isn’t enforced. There is appropriate punishment, I.e.: Death for Treason, it isn’t enforced. We do have a constitution and it’s meaning clear. The 2nd Amendment includes, shall not be infringed….. Eventually, the rabble rousers will grow up. That’s our only hope. Vietnam Vet. We NEVER forget, rarely forgive.

Freeland_Dave September 22, 2019 - 21:48

Sadly Treason doesn’t warrant the Death Penalty unless during a declared war but it should be. I am a Vietnam Vet and I don’t believe anyone from the Vietnam or Korean war were shot for treason because both were ‘Police Actions.’ But I share your sentiments.

I think Edward Donald Slovik (February 18, 1920 – January 31, 1945) was the last one.

Freeland_Dave September 22, 2019 - 21:41

Well when I worked with the US Forest Service, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Therefore I offer this suggestion.

Find out where Matthew Wozniak and his associates live, leave anyting that could be used as a weapon at home and hold peaceful demonstrations of your 1st Amendment rights and tell their neighbors about it and see how they like to be intimidated by a shouting mob in front of their homes.

Hey, if it’s good for them then logically it should be good for us. Just organize 50 or so and don’t tell anyone else that it’s going to happen. Just show up and demonstrate. If you tell others the word will get out and you will encounter resistance from the opposition.

I know there are some good people left in Colorado that could pull this off. Fight fire with fire.

Christian Gains September 24, 2019 - 05:14

MY GOD!!! What a dumb bunch of BASKET CASES & DIMWITTED MORONS!!!

The TOTAL LACK OF LOCAL POLICE &/or @RepGov (M.I.A.)…missing in action…reveals just how worthless this GOV. ACTUALLY IS!

I was looking at the faces in that crowd, & I SWEAR a LARGE % look like EITHER idiots, or morons! NO INTELLIGENCE being displayed!

As long as they stay off the Officer’s property, I’d say let’em rant! BUT! (using a bull horn), I’d WARN THEM to stay OFF the property!!! OR! They’ll “Pay the Piper”!!! (they won’t KNOW what THAT means…but since they’re sewer rats ANYWAY, they’ll learn quickly)!


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