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Watch: Fauxcahontas Campaign Is Cleaning Up A Mess After Warren Tells A Lie About Her Son

by Paul Goldberg

This woman for supposedly being smart is an idiot. Senator Elizabeth Warren couldn’t tell the truth even if she wanted to.

Back in November Warren was confronted by a school-choice activist and Warren denied that her kids had attended private schools. The 2020 Democrat presidential primary candidate insisted that “my kids went to public school” which is a half-truth at best.

It all started when Warren was in Atlanta and Sarah Carpenter, the African-American executive director of Memphis Lift, a volunteer school-choice organization, said to Warren, “We want the same choice for our kids that you had for your kids…. I can’t pack up and say, ‘I’m leaving Hyde Park and going to Germantown,’—that’s our suburban area—because I can’t afford it, my daughter can’t afford it.”

“No my children went to public schools,” Warren responded.

Warren’s daughter, Amelia Warren Tyagi attended public school for her elementary and high school education. However, her son Alex Warren spent most of his school years at one of the country’s most elite private schools, the Haverford School. This was verified by yearbooks obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Located outside Philadelphia the all-boy college preparatory school curriculum is a “rigorous liberal arts curriculum” that recognizes boy’s “innate competitiveness.” Tuition at the schools is $39,500 a year.

Alex Warren attended the school for six years starting in 1988 when he was enrolled as a six grader until the day he graduated in 1994. Alex did spend his junior year in Boston when Warren took a job at Harvard and took the “opportunity to reinvent himself at a new high school.”

The Warren campaign has stayed silent on where Alex Warren studied during his year in Boston.

Even the New York Times has reported that minorities are not happy with any of the leading Democratic presidential candidates including Warren for abandoning support for charter schools and school choice. “Elizabeth Warren’s current problems are a microcosm of a bigger issue for the Democratic Party in general,” said Corey DeAngelis, director of school choice at the libertarian Reason Foundation. “The left says that they want to help the poor, which is a noble goal, but then most of their candidates push hard against giving the disadvantaged populations more educational options.”

The way this woman lies there is no way Warren would survive a national election. You can watch her lie straight to Sarah Carpenter’s face below. 

Washington Free Beacon 

Written by Staff WriterDecember 3, 2019

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