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Watch: Dr. Fauci Dumps On US Troops & Says They Are ‘Part Of The Problem’

by Paul Goldberg
Watch: Dr. Fauci Dumps On US Troops & Says They Are ‘Part Of The Problem’

Dr. Fauci dumped on our service men and woman during a town hall hosted by the Blue Star Families non-profit which works with US military families. 

Fauci said that service men and woman who refuse to be vaccinated are “part of the problem.” 

“Because by getting infected, even though you may not know it, you may be inadvertently transmitting the infection to someone else, even though you have no symptoms,” Fauci continued. “In reality, like it or not, you’re propagating this outbreak. So instead of being part of the solution, you are innocently and inadvertently being part of the problem by not getting vaccinated.”

“You’ve got to think of your own health, which is really very important, but you got to think about your societal obligation, including people close to you personally as well as other members of families of other individuals,” he added.

According to the Defense Department about one third of military have decided not to receive the coronavirus vaccine and the Pentagon so far has no plans to enforce it either. 

Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby said that the military is recording military wide vaccinations however reported 916,500 doses have been issued. 

Kirby believes that the members who have declined to receive the vaccination mirrors what is being seen in the general public. 

“We in the military basically mirror the acceptance rates of American society,” Kirby told reporters.

“Everybody is different and we want — what the secretary wants — is for the men and women of the department to make the best and most informed decision for them and for their health and the health of their families,” Kirby said, adding that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin did get the vaccine.

In the meantime, Biden coronavirus adviser Dr. Michael Osterholm told NBC’s Chuck Todd that things are going to get worse. 

Keep in mind this is the same guy that said last March that a vaccine is “happy talk” and wearing masks is “largely nonsense.”

He also predicted in December that the US hospital system would collapse in December.


Written by Staff WriterMarch 7, 2021

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