Home News Watch: Biden’s Doctor Has Gone AWOL…Questions Loom

Watch: Biden’s Doctor Has Gone AWOL…Questions Loom

by Paul Goldberg
Watch: Biden’s Doctor Has Gone AWOL…Questions Loom

What is the White House hiding concerning President Biden’s condition? Some are wondering because the Biden team has refused to let the press see Joe Biden’s doctor at the podium so that they can ask him questions on Biden’s illness. 

When Trump got COVID, his doctors gave daily briefings on the former president’s health. Instead of doctors, the media is only getting dumb and dumber, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and White House coronavirus coordinator Ashish Jha.

There are written letters from Dr. Kevin O’Connor, but no face-to-face interaction. 

Some reporters would like to know why the president needs an albuterol inhaler if he’s not having any difficulty breathing or why O’Connor stopped Joe Biden’s blood thinner outright rather than just reducing it, which could be dangerous.

CBS News Radio White House correspondent Steven Portnoy asked Jean-Pierre and Jha, “One of the questions has been asked and we’ll have to raise it again. is why the President’s personal physician is not here? Are you familiar with a reason? Has the President decided not to send his physician here to answer our questions the way that his predecessors have decided to send their physicians here?” 

Jha deflected the questions with a long and winding answer, but Portnoy persisted, “Forgive me. There is a history here in this room of President’s physicians standing here to take questions, and in part, it’s because some of your colleagues in the medical profession do have questions and they’ve asked us to ask those questions about why the President’s doctor ordered him to stop taking Crestor & Eliquis. You have done your best to communicate the answer that the President’s physician has given. But are you familiar with the reason why the President decided not to send his doctor out to answer questions?”

Fox’s Peter Doocy jumped on the bandwagon asking Jha whose decision it was not to make the doctor available. He responded that neither the doctor nor the president made a decision not to have the doctor at the podium. 

Then who is running the show? The questions keep looming!


Written by Mark Stevens

July 26, 2022

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