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WATCH: Anti-Trump Protester Arrested After Bullying Trump Supporters

by Paul Goldberg

A viral new video apparently shows a man confront a group of Trump supporters, spitting in the face of one woman before being arrested by the police.

While details remain murky, the video appears to capture yet another unbridled assault against Trump supporters, as the man menaces the crowd before police arrive.

Also in the video, another anti-Trump protester is shown scuffling with a Trump supporter after allegedly trying to steal the man’s skateboard, resulting in a chaotic scene.

Horrified conservatives took to social media to react to the frenzied assault, with some praising the police for their quick action, and others stating they felt bad for the man, who they viewed as a victim of the media’s continued anti-Trump coverage.

For Trump supporters, the incident serves as a stark reminder that publicly showing support for the president can result in confrontation, and even violence.


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Freeland_Dave June 10, 2019 - 15:38

Well you won’t see this on liberal media. “Trump supporters are so violent.” Yeah, right.

Bunny June 11, 2019 - 00:20

t The Assaulter wearing cross problem ends his telephone conversation with ” Have a Blessed Day”.
I find most these people to be posers and hypocrites.


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