Home News VIDEO: Sneaky Fed ‘Revision’ Sounds All The Alarm Bells, ‘Something’s VERY Wrong Here.’

VIDEO: Sneaky Fed ‘Revision’ Sounds All The Alarm Bells, ‘Something’s VERY Wrong Here.’

by Paul Goldberg
VIDEO: Sneaky Fed ‘Revision’ Sounds All The Alarm Bells, ‘Something’s VERY Wrong Here.’

The Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank used the chaos created by Biden to revise their GDP forecast.

While Americans were rightly focusing on Biden’s failed withdrawal in Afghanistan and his vaccine mandate the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta “revised” their GDP forecast downward by 41%!

On his radio show, Glenn Beck commented on the revision.

Americans are also starting to pick on the fact that inflation is eating up their wages despite the increase in pay.

“I’m making more money…But I don’t see it because I’m paying more money for stuff now,” said University of Pennsylvania custodian Troy Sutton.

In 2020, Sutton was laid off from his $12 an hour job. Last summer, he got a job with the University of Pennsylvania earning $18 per hour but price increases are chewing up his new income.

From Fox Business:

But Mr. Sutton’s water, electricity and cable bills are higher than a year ago, he said. He is shelling out more for veterinary checkups and dog food for his two Chihuahuas, Princess and Precious. At the supermarket near Mr. Sutton’s house in Philadelphia, eggs climbed from about $2 a dozen in 2019 to $3.69 during the pandemic.

He and his wife started shopping more at supermarket chain Aldi this year, where many groceries are cheaper, he said. But the longer drive and higher gas prices have eaten up some of the savings. He has also cut out brand-name cereals, rice, oatmeal, ketchup and mustard.

Lower income households are starting to feel the squeeze and the trend will begin to quickly trickle up to the middle class. Recently, Kroger’s, a major US grocery store chain announced that inflation is causing them to continue to raise prices. The companies Chief Financial Officer Gary Millerchip said transportation and warehouse space are sky rocketing on top of inflations. the company has to “debate when to increase prices for customers and when to eat the cost.”

This is Joe Biden’s American and the more they spend the worse the coming crisis is going to get.

Fox Business | CNBC

Written by Staff Writer

September 15, 2021

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