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VIDEO: Omar Compares Impeaching Trump to Busting Al Capone on Tax Evasion

by Paul Goldberg

During an appearance on MSNBC with Ari Melber, Minnesota lawmaker Ilhan Omar compared impeaching President Trump to busting notorious gangster Al Capone on tax evasion.

Ari Melber:

You have previously advocated for impeaching this president on other grounds before the Ukraine bribery plot was exposed. What is your current thinking on how narrow or broad to advance impeachment?”

Ilhan Omar:

I’ve said for a really long time that it wasn’t going to be if the president was getting impeached, it was going to be when. I believed that there were multiple reasons for us to move impeachment on this president. Right now, I think it is really important for us to have it be narrowed, because this is a very concise case, regardless of the shenanigans that the Republicans are engaged in at the moment. The public can clearly understand where the violations are and can follow this case.

Ari Melber:

To make sure I’m hearing you right on that, you would say on, say, the bigotry that you discussed before, the Mueller stuff, you’d say leave that out?

Ilhan Omar:

I think there are other opportunities, but right now, we have a clear case, and I believe that we should follow this one. You know, I’ve used examples where you’ve had mob bosses who have committed atrocity after atrocity, and have violated our criminal codes of conduct, and we got them on one narrow case. But they get to serve time. And what’s important right now is that for this particular president that we know has many cases where we can impeach him on, that we focus on the one what the public is paying attention to and impeach him on that.

Ari Melber:

Congresswoman, it sounds like you are artfully making a comparison on the legal precedent to this president and Al Capone?”

Ilhan Omar:



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