Home News Video Of WH Press Sec Psaki Is Going To Haunt Democrats In 2022

Video Of WH Press Sec Psaki Is Going To Haunt Democrats In 2022

by Paul Goldberg
Video Of WH Press Sec Psaki Is Going To Haunt Democrats In 2022

The video below is going to be played on a loop next year, it highlights just how snobby and out of touch the Biden Administration is.

During a press briefing White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the supply shortage and instead of addressing it she made a “joke.”

“The tragedy of the treadmill that’s delayed,” she said when asked by New York Times reporter Michael Shear about supply chain problems.

As schools can’t provide meals for students Psaki is joking about a treadmill.

“It’s impacting everything from food items, which are common, like, you have your beef, your chicken, and non-food items, such as serving trays and plastic ware, and things of that nature,” Randy Jones a food coordinator for Wisconsin schools told Milwaukee’s WISN 12.

“If possible, we ask that you feed your student breakfast prior to school or try to send a snack,” Alexander City Schools told parents. “This is a situation that is frustrating for you as a parent, and for us as well as our ability to feed our students is being greatly impacted.”

Our kids are being impacted and all the Biden administration can do is crack jokes.

Billionaire Paul Jones said that “it’s pretty clear” inflation is not transitory and it is the biggest threat “to society just in general.”

But the White House jokes about a treadmill.

The Dollar Store can no longer sell things for $1 which has a huge impact on low income communities and the Biden administration is joking about a treadmill.

Gasoline is expected to surge to $5 a gallon and heating oil is expected double as the White House is cracking jokes.

Oh, and for those claiming Biden isn’t responsible for the rising gas prices, it is being reported that OPEC is driving up the prices. Thanks to Biden, who cut US oil production OPEC once again corners the market and is causing an energy crunch.

When the full impact of Biden’s policies hit over the winter and into next year that video of Psaki joking about a treadmill is going to haunt them. It should be played on a loop all day everyday by Republicans all the way through the midterms.

Written by Staff Writer

October 20, 2021

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