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VIDEO: Karma Hits Pelosi Hard After Leftists Turn The Tables On Her

by Paul Goldberg
VIDEO: Karma Hits Pelosi Hard After Leftists Turn The Tables On Her

If we learned anything from the Democrats since they took control in 2021 is that what goes around comes around. When you incite crowds and make wild claims you better be ready to deal with the backlash.

Since the draft Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade was leaked Pelosi has been pushing people to break the law by pressuring judges to change their decision.

Politicians like Pelosi drove the left into a frenzy who stormed churches and surround the personal homes of SCOTUS members. However, Pelosi has pushed them too far, now wacko leftists have camped on her doorstep demanding that she “investigate corrupt justices,” “save abortions,” and hold her accountable for supporting a pro-life Democrat Congressman up for re-election.

The group named “Ruth Sent Us” is behind the protests, Fox News reported:

We will be marching to the front door of [Pelosi’s] Pac Heights mansion to demand: #SaveAbortionNancy #DefendRoe!,” Ruth Sent Us tweeted. [….]

“We have had careless and cowardly representation by [Pelosi],” the group wrote. “The GOP followed a scorched earth strategy with endless Benghazi hearings and ACA repeals, but she passed endless bills that lay on [Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s] desk and refused to hold hearings on TRUMPIAN crimes.”

“When nauseating [Supreme Court Justice Brett] Kavanaugh was nominated in 2018, Dems knew he was a Bush campaign operative who had perjured himself in previous confirmation hearings,” it continued. “He was also a known alcoholic and gambler. Then his serial sexual assaults came to light. He was still seated on SCOTUS.”

“Through Herculean efforts of grassroots volunteers, [Pelosi] was reinstated in 2019,” it added. “She held ZERO hearings into Kavanaugh’s crimes and perjury. Imagine if she had. Would this creep be on the Court, daring to overturn Roe?”

This is 2020 all over again, Pelosi is already losing control of their rabid far-left wing and it’s their own fault.

Fox News

Written by Staff Writer

May 11, 2022

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