Home News [UPDATE: BREITBART GOES ALL IN AGAINST LIN WOOD] – The attacks on Lin Wood’s voting record have begun…

[UPDATE: BREITBART GOES ALL IN AGAINST LIN WOOD] – The attacks on Lin Wood’s voting record have begun…

by J.C McCallum

Lin Wood is under attack today, with his past Democrat voting record circulating on Twitter. It seems to have all started with Eric Erickson, who is no fan of Lin Wood:

This was then confirmed by Candice Broce, who works for Kemp as the “Director of Communications & Chief Deputy Executive Counsel”:

A lot of people are saying ‘so what’ to this? Others are using this to suggest Lin Wood is really up to no good here, suggesting he’s trying to fool Republicans into not voting in the Georgia election or something.

In the video above Lin Wood is making a political argument, saying that people shouldn’t vote for Perdue or Loeffler if they don’t demand Kemp declare a special session of Congress to fix the voting mess. Otherwise the fraud will just keep happening.

I don’t completely agree with Lin Wood here, but I don’t see this as a Democrat plot to keep Republicans from voting. We must hold the Senate because there’s a lot at stake if we don’t.

But regarding his voting record, all I can say at this point is that Reagan was a Democrat until he wasn’t. Dana Loesch was a Democrat until she wasn’t. There are plenty of people that fall into the same category. I don’t know where Lin Wood stands on his past voting record, but it’s not proof that he’s a Democrat spy or something. It is curious and does raise some questions, but it’s certainly not conclusive.

I will note, though, that I am starting to lose faith in Lin Wood over some of the things he’s said recently. He’s really starting to sound like a hype man to me, saying things like Joe Biden won’t step into the Oval Office in his speech today. I’d love for that to be true and I’d love for Lin Wood to be right, but thus far things just don’t seem to be going Trump’s way and time is running out. Making promises like this is not what I want to hear – I don’t want to hear hype anymore. I need action and I need results, just as we all do.

Also calling for martial law right now just seems crazy to me, but that’s what he did yesterday morning:

Sorry, but I just don’t think we’re at the place for Trump to declare martial law. Not even close.

I’m not trying to be eeyore. I want to believe that Lin Wood and Sidney Powell and the Amistad Project and the Trump campaign lawsuits will end up winning their day in court and this election fraud will finally be dealt with. But time is running out and this kind of hype is having the reverse effect on me.

I’m still waiting to see, as I have been throughout this process, so I’m not going to go all ‘Eric Erickson’ on this yet. But the sun is about to set on all of these election challenges and it just looks to me like Biden will be stepping into the Oval Office come January. I hope I’m wrong.

UPDATE: Just thought I’d throw this in the mix so you’d know about it. This is Breitbart’s front page right now:

[UPDATE: BREITBART GOES ALL IN AGAINST LIN WOOD] – The attacks on Lin Wood’s voting record have begun…

Looks like they’ve gone all in against Lin Wood. I checked his twitter feed and he’s been notably silent tonight.

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