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Unbelievable! NYT’s Writer Posts The Craziest Chinese BS Propaganda To Date, Helps China’s Cover-Up

by Paul Goldberg

On Monday, Max Fisher, an international reporter, and columnist for the New York Times posted some garbage that no doubt came right out of Beijing; at this point, the Times just needs to register as foreign agents.

Fisher wrote, “US outbreaks may be too far along for the South Korea model to work. The only thing left is the China model. It’s the only known success at subduing a full-blown epidemic. Instead of working with Beijing on finding lessons, the US is scapegoating China to deflect political blame.”

“I get why no one wants to hold up the China model as laudable, given Beijing’s failures, propaganda, and authoritarian methods. But none of those are necessarily needed to reproducing China’s real successes, which could at least potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives. If your well-grounded concern is that official Chinese data can never be trusted, it’s worth considering that the WHO is vouching firsthand for the country having achieved a major turnaround. Is it worth even looking for lessons?” He added.

Fisher referenced Dr. Bruce Alyward, a senior adviser to the director-general of the UN’s World Health Organization. It just so happens that Alyward is the doctor that blew off Taiwan’s warning in December that China was lying and the coronavirus was being transmitted from human to human. Alyward blew them off because the WHO is in China’s back pocket and will not recognize Taiwan’s sovereignty.

What Fisher is saying might as well just come straight from the CCP themselves, nobody believes anything coming out of China nor should we. The only thing we should learn from China is that it is time to bring back the manufacturing of our medical supplies to the United States. As a matter of fact, let’s bring back all manufacturing to the USA and let China figure out how they will survive. 

Even China’s people claim their government is lying.


Written by Staff WriterMarch 30, 2020

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