Home News UH OH: Schiff even more panicked over documents from DNI Grenell to be revealed Tomorrow that exposes him! – [ALSO more bombshells from Schiff transcripts]

UH OH: Schiff even more panicked over documents from DNI Grenell to be revealed Tomorrow that exposes him! – [ALSO more bombshells from Schiff transcripts]

by J.C McCallum
UH OH: Schiff even more panicked over documents from DNI Grenell to be revealed Tomorrow that exposes him! – [ALSO more bombshells from Schiff transcripts]

Ed Henry reported tonight on Tucker Carlson’s show that Richard Grenell walked a satchel of documents over to the Justice Department today that will expose Schiff for the fraud he was in the Russian collusion investigation. The documents are supposed to be revealed tomorrow:

Not only did Henry report the documents tomorrow, but he went through some bombshells from today’s trove of documents that also expose Schiff’s deceitfulness. He only hit on a couple of but here’s more from Fox News. Remember all the times that Adam Schiff claimed he had direct evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign? Well it turns out that not a single Obama official said they found any direct evidence of collusion. Nada.


Newly released transcripts of interviews from the House Intelligence Committee’s long-running Russia investigation reveal top Obama officials acknowledged that they knew of no “empirical evidence” of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election, despite their concerns and suspicions.

The transcripts, which were released by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., revealed top Obama officials were questioned over whether they had or had seen evidence of such collusion, coordination or conspiracy — the issue that drove the FBI’s initial case and later the special counsel probe.

“I never saw any direct empirical evidence that the Trump campaign or someone in it was plotting/conspiring with the Russians to meddle with the election,” former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified in 2017. “That’s not to say that there weren’t concerns about the evidence we were seeing, anecdotal evidence. … But I do not recall any instance where I had direct evidence.”


Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice was asked the same question.

“To the best of my recollection, there wasn’t anything smoking, but there were some things that gave me pause,” she said, according to her transcribed interview, in response to whether she had any evidence of conspiracy. “I don’t recall intelligence that I would consider evidence to that effect that I saw…conspiracy prior to my departure.”

When asked whether she had any evidence of “coordination,” Rice replied: “I don’t recall any intelligence or evidence to that effect.”

When asked about collusion, Rice replied: “Same answer.”


Former Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes was asked the same question during his House Intelligence interview.

“I wouldn’t have received any information on any criminal or counterintelligence investigations into what the Trump campaign was doing, so I would not have seen that information,” Rhodes said.

When pressed again, he said: “I saw indications of potential coordination, but I did not see, you know, the specific evidence of the actions of the Trump campaign.”


Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch also said that she did “not recall that being briefed up to me.”

“I can’t say that it existed or not,” Lynch said, referring to evidence of collusion, conspiracy or coordination.


Meanwhile, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was not asked that specific question but rather questions about the accuracy and legitimacy of the unverified anti-Trump dossier compiled by ex-British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

McCabe was asked during his interview in 2017 what was the most “damning or important piece of evidence in the dossier that” he “now knows is true.”

McCabe replied: “We have not been able to prove the accuracy of all the information.”

“You don’t know if it’s true or not?” a House investigator asked, to which McCabe replied: “That’s correct.”

So there you have it. No one had any evidence of Russian collusion by the Trump campaign. Nor was the FBI ever able to verify the phony Steele dossier, and Shifty Schiff knew it all along. And yet time after time he lied to the media, he lied to the public and said he had direct evidence when he did not.

Stay tuned for whatever bombshells are exposed tomorrow. We’ll bring them to you as soon as we get them.

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