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Tucker Carlson Calls Jim Acosta A “Poisonous Moron” Over New Trump Attack, Exposes Jim As Total Hypocrite

by J.C McCallum

Tucker Carlson just exposed Jim Acosta as the worst kind of hypocrite after he scandalously took a few cheap shots at Trump.

Acosta bashed Trump’s address to the nation last night calling it, “smacking of xenophobia,” or racist basically. So Tucker went digging and found Jim using the exact same language as Trump.

What a joke of a journalist. Tucker called Jim (in the video below) a “poisonous moron” as he exposed Acosta.

“The president referred to the coronavirus as a ‘foreign virus,’ that I think was interesting because, I was talking to sources earlier this evening, one of the points that the president wanted to make tonight, wanted to get across to Americans, is that this virus did not start here, but that they’re dealing it,” Acosta said.

“Now, why the president would go as far to describe it as a foreign virus that is something we’ll also be asking questions about.”

Acosta added that Trump is “going to come across to a lot of Americans as smacking of xenophobia” too.

Enter conservatives across America. From Fox News:

Town Hall senior writer Julio Rosas captured the clip of Acosta and shared in on Twitter, where many users accused the CNN reporter of hypocrisy. Some critics were quick to point out that Acosta and CNN have both frequently reported that the coronavirus started in Wuhan, China.

CNN published a story in January headlined, “Disease detectives hunting down more information about ‘super spreader’ of Wuhan coronavirus,” in which the network’s senior medical correspondent used the word “Wuhan” a dozen times.

Acosta himself referred to it as the “Wuhan coronavirus” as recently as January 23.

GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel asked, “Setting aside that their own network spent weeks referring to it as the ‘Wuhan virus,’ how can that seriously be any objective reporter’s big takeaway?”

“Meanwhile, back in reality, it was important to note where the Chinese coronavirus/Wuhan virus came from because China had an ongoing propaganda campaign to blame the virus on the U.S. Their refusal to tell the [truth] in that moment so they could further smear the President meant that Acosta and [CNN’s Chris] Cuomo were playing into China hands,” NewsBuster’s Nicholas Fondacaro wrote. “This is CNN.”

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