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Trump’s Oct Surprise? Shakes The Media And Dems…It’s About To Get Juicy!

by Paul Goldberg
Trump’s Oct Surprise?  Shakes The Media And Dems…It’s About To Get Juicy!

Oh, it’s about to get juicy, I hope the media and Democrats have could lawyers because they are going to need them.

Portland has looked like a third world country since the death of George Floyd, except for a break due to the wildfires riots the riots have occurred every night.

During the summer, rioters attempted to burn down the federal courthouse prompting the Department of Homeland Security to send federal law enforcement officers to protect the building.

Fighting was fierce between law enforcement officers and the far-left extremists. Eventually, Antifa moved on to other targets and the feds deputized assigned State Troopers. This was so local law enforcement could lodge federal charges against the rioters circumventing the corrupt local District Attorney who was releasing rioters.

It turns out since federal law enforcement has been investigating Antifa they have been listening in and Democrats are shook.

The Nation, a very left-wing internet magazine is sounding the alarm because they are very nervous. The left-wing magazine claims the public was outraged over the way Federal law enforcement dealt with the activists. We know that’s not true and that the public actually wanted the President to be more firm with rioters.

The Nation reports how the DHS intercepted leftist communication and why; just from the writing you can decipher they are scared:

A current DHS official described a colleague with expertise in electronic surveillance who was being deployed to Portland. But for what purpose? “Extracting information from protester’s phones,” the DHS official said. While in Portland, an interagency task force involving DHS and the Justice Department used a sophisticated cell phone cloning attack—the details of which remain classified—to intercept protesters’ phone communications, according to two former intelligence officers familiar with the matter.

Cell phone cloning involves stealing a phone’s unique identifiers and copying them to another device in order to intercept the communications received by the original device. The former intelligence officials described it as part of a “Low Level Voice Intercept” operation, declining to go into further detail—one of them citing the sensitive nature of the surveillance tool and the other an ongoing leak investigation within I&A.

“You’re getting an inside view into your targets, who they are, who they’re talking to—the hierarchy,” the former intelligence officer said, explaining that many within the DHS believe that antifa is an organized group.

Naturally, The Nation, with their “sources” inside the DHS is claiming what Barr did was unconstitutional violating protestors 1st amendment rights. Last I checked the 1st Amendment never covered the destruction of property and looting.

So the DHS and the FBI have been listening to Antifa and they know who in the media and in politics they have been talking to. You can tell by reading the report from The Nation, the left is getting real nervous about this because it is the number one report on their website as of the writing of this post.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t take the same amount of time to release the communications as it’s taking Durham with his investigation.

The Nation

Written by Staff WriterSeptember 23, 2020

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