Home News Trump Supporting Activist Cleans Up 50 Tons Of Trash In Los Angeles Shaming Dem Elites

Trump Supporting Activist Cleans Up 50 Tons Of Trash In Los Angeles Shaming Dem Elites

by Paul Goldberg
Trump Supporting Activist Cleans Up 50 Tons Of Trash In Los Angeles Shaming Dem Elites

Conservative activist Scott Presler is showing Democrats how it is done – get off Twitter, stop complaining, go out and be part of the change you want to happen.

Pressler puts his money where is mouth is and we would love to see the same from some liberal activists but that won’t happen anytime soon. They prefer to talk, Presser prefers to act.

Pressler spends his time registering voters and teaching workshops on how to register conservative voters with the ultimate goal of making Trump unbeatable in 2020.

That said, after the debacle in Baltimore Pressler knew he could do even more. So he organized a cleanup of Baltimore and shamed the city’s bankrupt leaders.

After that successful community activism – if you thnk the conservative volunteers Pressler rounded up to help were met with scorn in Baltimore, you would be mistaken.

They were welcomed with open arms as they had been neglected and forgotten for too long by the very Democrats they keep electing to help them.

Pressler helped and they haven’t forgotten and just did the same in Los Angeles. While cleaning up a notorious homeless encampment his team removed 50 tons of trash.

From The Daily Wire: Presler has since led clean-up efforts in Newark, New Jersey and Virginia Beach, Virginia. And on Saturday, Presler and some 200 volunteers headed to Democrat-run Los Angeles, removing a stunning 50 tons of garbage, according to the activist.

“Without the help of the city, 200 volunteers picked up 50 tons of trash in 9 hours at a homeless camp in Los Angeles,” Presler told The Daily Wire on Monday.

“It’s almost 9 a.m. & we’re removing waste from a homeless camp in Los Angeles. Why is an outsider from Northern Virginia here & not California elected leadership?” the activist posted to Twitter Saturday, adding, “#LosAngelesCleanup…

… The impressive feat, however, has gone widely unnoticed by the mainstream media.

“National media has been completely silent,” Presler said. “Yet, the day before our cleanup, the LA Times reported on the climate strike. I’m not a climate striker — I’m a climate doer. Perhaps if the LA Times reported stories on real activism, we would see more cleanups and fewer protests. #StopTalkingStartDoing.”

The LA Times recently begged for such clean-up efforts executed by Presler and company in a collective editorial published in June, titled, “A plan to clean up L.A. and help the homeless? Get it done already.”

“Don’t postpone the decision. Don’t call for another study. This is an emergency,” the LA Times editorial board urged.


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