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Trump on whistleblower’s attorney Mark Zaid: “He should be sued and maybe for treason”

by Paul Goldberg

During a press interview in front of the White House, President Trump criticized Mark Zaid, attorney of the whistleblower whose complaint sparked the impeachment inquiry, calling him a “disgrace,” and suggesting that he should be sued.

Trump’s comment: “His [the whistleblower’s] lawyer who said the things possibly two years ago, he should be sued and maybe for treason. Maybe for treason, but he should be sued. His lawyer is a disgrace,” Trump said referencing Zaid’s 2017 tweets, in which Zaid said “coup has started,” and promised to “get rid of him.”

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“45 years from now we might be recalling stories regarding the impeachment of @realDonaldTrump. I’ll be old, but will be worth the wait,” Zaid tweeted in June 2017.

Zaid’s explanation: On Thursday, Zaid defended his series of tweets against the president. “Those tweets were reflective and repeated the sentiments of millions of people,” Zaid said in a statement to Fox News.

“I was referring to a completely lawful process of what President Trump would likely face as a result of stepping over the line, and that particularly whatever would happen would come about as a result of lawyers. The coup comment referred to those working inside the Administration who were already, just a week into office, standing up to him to enforce recognized rules of law.“

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President Trump also called the whistleblower “fake,” claiming almost everything he wrote in his complaint is fake. “I call him the fake whistleblower, he gave a fake report of my phone call,” he said. “When I released that call, all of a sudden everybody disappeared, the whistleblower disappeared.”

“Why isn’t the first whistleblower going to testify anymore? You know why? Because everything he wrote in that report, almost was a lie,” he said, adding “My phone call was perfect, he made it sound bad.”

“So the whistle-blower is a disgrace to our country” Trump noted.

On Thursday, President Trump posted a tweet calling for the end of the “impeachment hoax.”

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