Home News Trump Downplays Dainty Despot and His Recent Rocket Launches

Trump Downplays Dainty Despot and His Recent Rocket Launches

by J.C McCallum
Trump Downplays Dainty Despot and His Recent Rocket Launches

With the United States facing a number of military threats throughout the world, it is of the utmost importance that President Donald Trump maintain a calm demeanor.

We recognized the importance of this in recent days as Iran began a short-lived campaign of terror in the Middle East.  The Persian nation has now been blamed for at least two attacks on the Saudi Arabian oil infrastructure in as many weeks, goading President Trump all along the way.

Trump, much to the dismay of some his more hawkish advisers, has not taken the bait, and has committed only a small number of resources to the region in a “protective” mission.


Of course, this latest development in American foreign entailments isn’t going to slow down North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, who recently retaliated to Trump’s stonewalling of diplomatic talks between the US and DPRK by test firing a short range rocket.

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Kim, hungry for attention, is certainly not going to like President Trump’s reaction.

President Trump says he isn’t concerned about North Korea testing short-range missiles and that action doesn’t violate United Nations Security Council rules, an opinion that he says runs counter to that of his advisers. Mr. Trump made the comments in Japan during a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who also disagreed with the U.S. president on the missile tests.

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