Home News Top health officials are advising the Biden Administration to back off of this right away

Top health officials are advising the Biden Administration to back off of this right away

by J.C McCallum

Top health officials are advising the Biden Administration to back off of this right away

The messaging coming out of the Biden administration about coronavirus continues to be disjointed, confusing and, quite frankly, hypocritical.

If Joe Biden’s own Press Secretary can’t stay on the same message as her boss.

And now top health officials are advising the Biden administration to back off of this right away.

While on the 2020 campaign trail, Joe Biden promised to “follow the science,” but since stepping into the Oval Office he’s done anything but what he promised.

Joe Biden and his staff continue to spread false information about the coronavirus, masks and vaccines.

It’s to the point where even some of Biden’s advisors are questioning his messaging.

The latest of Biden’s moves to be questioned is his insistence on vaccine booster shots.

For weeks now Biden and his team have pushed booster shots for every vaccinated American because two shots just isn’t enough anymore.

However, the FDA and the CDC have yet to authorize the use of any COVID-19 booster shots.

Biden has championed the booster shots as a way of strengthening protection against the virus, but it seems numerous experts are reportedly telling the President and his staff to back off.

Many of the health experts say the science doesn’t justify widespread use of the third shot.

Science. There’s that tricky word again. Joe Biden and the Left don’t know what to do about “the science” because it just keeps contradicting everything they say.

According to a Politico article, several prominent doctors and scientists outside of the Biden administration held a call with federal officials to advise them against promoting COVID-19 booster shots.

The experts on the call emphasized that the current data on the vaccine’s performance doesn’t support using booster shots.

Reportedly the call took place on September 27, which is also the day Joe Biden made a really huge deal out of receiving his booster shot.

The news of experts advising against booster shots contradicts Biden and Fauci’s messaging.

Fauci has repeatedly said people will need a third vaccine dose to be considered fully vaccinated against COVID.

This is not the first report of growing tension between Biden, his political appointees, and the scientific experts inside and outside the federal health agencies.

It’s hard for health experts to agree with something that isn’t based on any science, but that is precisely what Joe Biden wants them to do.

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