Home News The Walls Are Caving In At The White House: Psaki Bobs & Weaves Question About Pelosi Being ‘Unhappy With…

The Walls Are Caving In At The White House: Psaki Bobs & Weaves Question About Pelosi Being ‘Unhappy With…

by Paul Goldberg
The Walls Are Caving In At The White House: Psaki Bobs & Weaves Question About Pelosi Being ‘Unhappy With…

The walls are really starting to cave in at the White House especially after watching Press Secretary Jen Psaki completely avoid a question about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“There has been reporting that Speaker Pelosi is unhappy with the way that the White House has handled Title 42 and worried that if it comes up for a vote as a part of a Ukraine package that Democrats wouldn’t have the votes to defeat that,” asked Jacqui Heinrich of Fox News. “Does the White House share that concern and what do you make of Pelosi seeming to be kind of shaky on just how close she is to the White House on this decision?”

“Well, I would say we’re incredibly close with Speaker Pelosi, and the President has known her for many, many decades.  I don’t — I don’t have more to spell out or explain what her meaning was or what “defeat it” means or doesn’t mean,” Psaki answered.

Adding, “there are many strong feelings and points of view on Capitol Hill in the House and in the Senate about Title 42.  It wasn’t a decision made by the White House.  It’s a decision made to lift it by the CDC.  The authority given to — was given to them by Congress.”

Call me crazy but doesn’t the CDC work for the White House? I’m also pretty sure that’s not what people like Psaki were saying in 2020 when Trump imposed it.

Heinrich followed up stating, “A number of Democrats are, you know, speaking up about their problems with Title 42.  I mean, Mark Kelly was briefed by Mayorkas yesterday.  He said that he still has remaining questions about how and when resources are going to hit the ground.  These are Democrats saying these things.  They’re not wanting, you know, Title 42 to replace an immigration effort, but they’re saying that there just is not a plan in place to support what’s going to happen when Title 42 goes away.”

“Well, what I was trying to note earlier, perhaps not articulately, is that there are a range of members who have strong concerns about it being lifted,” Psaki responded. “Again, not a decision we make — a decision made by health and science experts.  And there are many members who feel very strongly about it actually being — it lifted and that moving forward.”

“This is why Secretary Mayorkas is on the Hill doing, I believe, four hearings, answering extensive questions from a range of members, Democratic and Republican.  He put out a six-pillar plan on exactly how he’s going to implement it,” she added.

However, when asked if the six-point plan would be ready when they lifted Title 42 Psaki didn’t have much to say…

We’ve all seen the Biden administration execute plans and as a result, the country’s GDP has dropped 1.4%, gas prices are still at record highs, and food costs are the most they’ve ever been.

Does anybody know the over-under bet on if Psaki leaves early for her MSNBC gig?

White House Press Briefing Transcript

Written by Staff Writer

April 28, 2022

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