Home News The Nation magazine publishes “anti-endorsement” of Joe Biden

The Nation magazine publishes “anti-endorsement” of Joe Biden

by Paul Goldberg

The Nation, the country’s oldest weekly magazine, has published an official “anti-endorsement” column of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, arguing that Biden is not the answer and should “withdraw from the race.”

The story: In an editorial published Thursday, The Nation notes that Biden’s chances against Trump have “become increasingly threadbare.”

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“Like Hillary Clinton in 2016, Joe Biden offers the promise of picking up where the Obama administration left off: a restoration of business as usual for the K Street lobbyists and Wall Street speculators whose prosperity the 2008 financial crisis did little to disturb,” the Nation writes. “The candidate who insists Medicare for All is too expensive for Americans is also the candidate who, like Clinton, endorsed NAFTA, China’s admission to the World Trade Organization, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership — all of which have savaged US manufacturing and workers.”

The magazine argues that “Biden’s long record of poor judgment,” from the Iraq War to Wall Street, “renders him an even weaker opponent for a president whose reelection poses a clear and present danger to America’s survival as a constitutional republic.”

“Stumbling through the primaries, Biden’s zombie campaign crowds out worthier challengers, handing Trump a free pass on the very issues that should be his Achilles’ heel,” the magazine writes. “The Nation therefore calls on Biden to put service to country above personal ambition and withdraw from the race.”

“Let us be clear: Joe Biden is not a crook,” the story concluded. “But that doesn’t make it right or a winning platform. Biden and his backers need to face the facts. It may still be unclear which Democrat is best positioned to beat Donald Trump, but we know one thing: The answer is not Joe Biden.”

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