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The Mask Comes Off, Dems Admit Endgame Is To Abolish The Constitution

by Paul Goldberg
The Mask Comes Off, Dems Admit Endgame Is To Abolish The Constitution

The mask is coming off as more and more liberals admit they want to abolish the constitution.

The New Republic is a popular liberal news magazine the promotes leftists’ ideas and they are calling for liberals to work towards getting rid of the constitution.

In a piece titled, “The Constitution Is The Crisis,” writer Osita Nwanevu wants “the American left should work toward abolishing the Constitution someday—either for a new document or a new democratic order without a written constitution.”

In his flawed thinking, Nwanevu doesn’t understand why the Founding Fathers thought we should be bound by an old document. It’s a living breathing document that could can be amended or changed. The problem is the constitution doesn’t give the power progressives want.

The piece written by Nwanevu laments that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is going to be nominated to the Supreme Court and is going to be a hindrance to Joe Biden should he win in November.

He writes:

It is an almost entirely foregone conclusion that Amy Coney Barrett will be seated on the Supreme Court, cementing a 6–3 conservative majority that will serve as an obstacle to Joe Biden’s policy agenda should he and the Democratic Party win full control of government in November. As everyone by now knows, that’s a majority Biden and Democrats could conceivably do something about. Progressives have been pushing court-packing for years at this point—it’s one of the major items of a structural reform agenda that also includes eliminating the Senate filibuster and adding new states.

Nwanevu is upset that Barrett’s confirmation is “entirely fairly” constitutional:

Conservatives and legal scholars have criticized Biden and his surrogates, entirely fairly, for claiming that Barrett’s confirmation process is somehow “unconstitutional”—it plainly isn’t.

Having won a clear Electoral College victory, Trump has taken the opportunities he has been given to nominate three. Senate Republicans have been approving them through the process the Constitution set out. They acted strategically to hold one of those seats open. You will not find in the Constitution a prohibition against doing so, or, for that matter, any suggestion that the court should be evenly balanced between the appointees of two political camps or parties that didn’t exist at the Founding and that aren’t intrinsic features of our political order.

So naturally, the only solution is to abolish the constitutions.

I’m telling right now, should President Trump win in November the left is going to call for the end of elections.

Written by Staff WriterOctober 20, 2020

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Michael Goldman October 20, 2020 - 19:24

I’m sure this will not be found anywhere on the MSM. Some of us knew this years ago when Hitlery wanted to be President(and they murdered Scalia). Even RBG admitted before she died that she was not happy with the Constitution and might not have voted for it when this country was founded. The sad part is that this should have been on every Conservative website for the last 4 years. People need to be getting ready for war. Start buying supplies now.


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