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The Great Reset: Check Out The New ‘Food’ Plant Coming To North America

by Paul Goldberg
The Great Reset: Check Out The New ‘Food’ Plant Coming To North America

Just in time for the food shortages caused by the war in Ukraine a new “food of the future” plant is opening in North America.

“This first-of-its-kind commercial facility will enable not just Aspire Food Group, but our entire growing sector to take an important stride forward in our mission to deliver an excellent-value protein at a fraction of the environmental impact of most conventional protein sources,” said Mohammed Ashour, co-founder of Aspire Food Group.

Aspire Food Group, is a global industry leader in the production of edible insects and is building a 100,000-square-foot plant in London, Ontario to bring “bugs as food to the North American market.”

Aspire got its launch after working with the Clinton Global Initiative, watch the video below.

The global elites are also planning to replace the traditional hamburger with a “bug burger.”

In Japan, they’ve introduced vending machines selling edible insects to encourage people to eat more insects.

From Euronews:

Insects have been drawing attention as an alternative source of protein to solve the global food shortage.

As Earth’s growing population puts more pressure on global food production, insects are increasingly seen as a viable food source.

Edible insects are rich in protein yet can be raised much more sustainably than beef or pork. Around the world, 2 billion people in 130 countries regularly eat insects.

United Nations food experts have been pushing insects as a good source of nutrition for years. They say that their consumption could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN FAO) predicts that by 2050, food production will have to grow by 70 per cent to meet the rising demands of growing global populations and increasing wealth.

Not only will you own nothing and “be happy” you’ll get to eat bugs too.

Written by Staff Writer

June 23, 2022

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