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Texas mayor under fire for quoting the Bible accurately…

by J.C McCallum

A Texas mayor got everyone upset by quoting the Bible accurately because that’s all it takes these days:

A Texas mayor is facing backlash after he said that women shouldn’t lead prayer in public before city council meetings because the Bible forbids it.

Wylie, Texas, Mayor Eric Hogue’s remarks were made in a email to fellow city council members, which was then shared publicly on Facebook this week, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The city’s mayor pro tem, Jeff Forrester, reached out earlier this month and asked for Hogue’s thoughts on having members of the Christian missionary group, Youth With a Mission, lead the next prayer that starts each next council meeting.

“Sounds good. I would like that. All I asked is that those leading the public prayer be young men,” Hogue responded.

Hogue is also a minister of Cottonwood Church of Christ, according to the outlet. He followed up in the email by quoting two New Testament verses that he said his congregation takes “literally.”

Yup. Accurate. Sorry people. Now, you may debate whether that’s the intended interpretation of that scripture, but it is perfectly reasonable for someone to hold this position.


In the email obtained by the Dallas Morning News, Hogue wrote that not everyone may agree with him.

“But I can’t go against my conscience,” he added.

The email was reportedly obtained through a records request and posted to Facebook, including to a page called Befuddled by Clowns, a conservative blog dedicated to Wylie politics.

I think I understand that some might be offended that he bring in his personal beliefs in with the government, but if enough people are offended by it then that city will vote him out. That’s how our Constitutional freedom is supposed to work anyway…

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