Home News Tennessee governor says he WILL sign anti-gay adoption bill…

Tennessee governor says he WILL sign anti-gay adoption bill…

by J.C McCallum
Tennessee governor says he WILL sign anti-gay adoption bill…

The Republican governor of Tennessee has announced he will sign a bill that aims to protect faith-based adoption agencies from the LGBT crowd:

NBC NEWS – Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee announced Tuesday that he’ll sign into law a measure that would assure continued taxpayer funding of faith-based foster care and adoption agencies even if they exclude LGBT families and others based on religious beliefs.

The GOP-controlled Senate gave the bill final passage on the first day of the 2020 legislative session after it was initially approved by the House last April. The bill was sent to the Republican governor amid warnings by critics of possible negative consequences for Tennessee’s reputation.

Lee’s communication director, Chris Walker, confirmed in a statement Tuesday evening that the governor would sign the bill. Earlier, before the Senate vote, Lee declined to weigh in after saying he had not read the two-page bill.

“This bill is solely about freedom,” said Sen. Paul Rose, the Republican sponsor of the bill.

Rose conceded he thought the bill wasn’t necessary, pointing out that President Donald Trump’s administration is currently proposing a rule that would impose the same protections. Yet he said he advanced the bill this year because there was no guarantee Trump would be reelected later this year.

Trump’s proposal would rescind an Obama-era rule that prevented foster care agencies from receiving federal funds if they discriminated against families based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Even if Trump wins and his new rule goes into effect, there’s nothing to stop another administration from undoing it. So yes, these state laws are absolutely necessary.

But you know the LGBT crowd will probably sue because they think this is an attack on their rights or something. It’s not, but you’ll never convince them of that, at least not the activist types.

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