Home News Taliban agrees to ceasefire with U.S., will begin peace negotiations

Taliban agrees to ceasefire with U.S., will begin peace negotiations

by J.C McCallum
Taliban agrees to ceasefire with U.S., will begin peace negotiations

The Taliban has agreed to a temporary ceasefire to make room for peace negotiations with the U.S.

Here’s more from the AP:

The Taliban’s ruling council agreed Sunday to a temporary cease-fire in Afghanistan, providing a window in which a peace agreement with the United States can be signed, officials from the insurgent group said. They didn’t say when it would begin.

A cease-fire had been demanded by Washington before any peace agreement could be signed. A peace deal would allow the U.S. to bring home its troops from Afghanistan and end its 18-year military engagement there, America’s longest.

There was no immediate response from Washington.

The U.S. wants any deal to include a promise from the Taliban that Afghanistan would not be used as a base by terrorist groups. The U.S. currently has an estimated 12,000 troops in Afghanistan.

I could see Trump going for a ceasefire. He is definitely down on the Afghanistan War, and has signaled this many times. Including this report:

Months after becoming president in 2017, Donald Trump began taking meetings with enlisted U.S. service members who deployed to Afghanistan in order to get a better understanding of America’s longest war.

“I want to sit down with some enlisted guys that have been there,” Trump told advisers, according to the national-security journalist Peter Bergen’s latest book, Trump and His Generals: The Cost of Chaos.

“I don’t want any generals in here. I don’t want any officers,” Trump added, according to Bergen’s book, which is sourced from dozens of interviews with current and former White House officials and military officers. “I just want enlisted guys.”


“It’s unwinnable. NATO’s a joke. Nobody knows what they’re doing,” the SEALs told Trump, according to Bergen’s book. “We don’t fight to win. The morale is terrible. It’s totally corrupt.”

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this account was leaked right ahead of the peace negotiations with the Taliban….

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