Home News Susan Rice Crosses Line With New Attack On Trump, Says POTUS Has “Cost tens of thousands of American lives”

Susan Rice Crosses Line With New Attack On Trump, Says POTUS Has “Cost tens of thousands of American lives”

by J.C McCallum

Susan Rice just crossed the line and blamed Trump for tens of thousands of deaths we will face from the outbreak.

“This administration was not interested in pandemics. It was not prepared for pandemics. We now know that even during the Trump administration there were lots of reports, lots of warnings,” said Rice before outlining what she would have done and then blamed Trump for tens of thousands of deaths.

“Rather than moving immediately from very early January to do the things that we know we have to do, get in place the testing capacity, scale it up so that it’s widely available.”

“Surge the purchase and the distribution of personal protective equipment, ventilators, masks, gloves, gowns, and get that to our hospital systems, build out a bed capacity, call back medical professionals.”

“All these things that states and locals are now doing on the fly. These are the things that we know we needed to do and do at the outset.”

“And so, they didn’t do that. They waited two months.”

“It’s not the one month that the New York Times had a headline, ‘A Wasted Month,’ it was a wasted two months, Jonathan.”

“And those two months have meant the difference between many tens of thousands of Americans dying who might otherwise not have died.”

“He has demonstrated utter lack of leadership, utter incompetence.”

“And he’s been profoundly dishonest about the nature of the threat to the American people by downplaying it, by dismissing it, by comparing it to the flu.”

“He has misled the American people to such an extent that lives have been lost in the process,” added Rice.

“Whether that’s because he didn’t care or he was trying to downplay the problem and buoy his electoral prospects mistakenly, or whether it was to buck up the markets, or because he doesn’t care…”

“I don’t know what it was. I just know that he has cost tens of thousands of American lives,” she said.

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Jove April 6, 2020 - 14:12

Sorry, Rice……..Your menstrual slim comment in this Covid deathly sitaution were so childish stink for people that suffered…They’re not needed critics but help….your blame against Trump is not worthy but provoking more deaths…

Freeland_Dave April 13, 2020 - 16:37

Because News Thud removed the link to the thread

Freeland_Dave(me): wrote:

Seemed to? Really? Seemed to? Is that the best arguement you can come up with? You ‘seem to’ have some small amount of education but I have my doubts. So much for “seemed to.”

Now, did he downplay it or not? Please provide his FULL statements for proof and not your conjectured opinion.

Where Patrick (a leftist piece of flotsam that can’t civilly respond to logical questions and is a mindless TDS infected troll that cannot think for himself but can only vomit up what the Leftist MSM tells him to think) replies at 6:48 p.m., on Sunday April 12

Patrick pathtically deflects the facts and once again ignorantly writes and deflects (again):

“You really are quite the obtuse Fucknugget. Go look up his Feb 28 rally. its on YouTube… and after that type in “10 times Trump downplayed the coronavirus” to the search bar.”


What’s your problem troll? Can’t copy and paste Trump’s complete statement, or are several paragraphs to difficult for a troll? Are you so afraid to think for yourself that you can’t quote him correctly but only quote snippits of what he said, out of context, that you an the leftist MSM (That includes Yahoo) have taken completely out of context to fit your anti-Trump rant?

Are you afraid that others will see how wrong you and your comments are and expose you for the ignorant troll you are?

Why can’t you just respond as I have requested? Did I ask you to supply me with MSM links? No, I asked for Trump’s complete statement in context where you alledge he said the Corona virus is a hoax. No, I’m sorry, that’s beyond the mental ability of a troll.Now go contemplate your belly button as you have absolutely nothing I or the rest of independant thinkers in the US wants or needs to hear from you.


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