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Stanford Professor Claims New Dem Candidate Deval Patrick Helped Convicted Rapist Brother In Law Avoid Justice

by Paul Goldberg

Michele Daber is a professor at Stanford and she has a message for the Democrats – don’t vote for Deval Patrick.

She took to Twitter to air his dirty laundry and it ain’t pretty. She wrote:

“In 2014 Deval Patrick fired leaders of his state’s Sex Offender Registry for trying to force his brother in law to register due to being convicted of rape in California in 1993.

In 2019, that same rapist was sentenced to 6 years for another rape.

The victim in the most recent rape said that she came home and found Patrick’s brother in law hiding in the closet. He stalking, kidnapped, and raped her. She said that she hoped for a long sentence because she would spend her life in fear if he was out.

But Patrick didn’t want his family member to register as a sex offender. It was a “family matter”, and thus only “marital” rape. Deval fired the head of the state bureau who tried to require registration. 10 years before the rapist’s latest conviction.

This is disqualifying.

I have known Deval a long time. We clerked for the same judge. I admired him for many years. But his conduct in this matter is reprehensible and fails to respect women and survivors.

Rape is rape. It doesn’t matter if the offender is married to the victim.

Indeed, so-called “marital rape” should be treated as if it is more serious, not less, given the betrayal of trust involved. In addition, it is likely to result in the murder of the victim given what we know of spousal abuse.

Rape is rape. Even if your brother in law does it.

It gives me no joy to come out against my Judge’s favorite clerk. But the facts are the facts Deval. You shouldn’t have gone after the registry officials. In fact, you should have stayed as far away from them as you could get given your  personal issues.

Women deserve better.

Deval admitted to the press that the effort by these officials to require his brother in law to register was a significant motivator for his decision to terminate them.

The head of the Sex Offender Registry, whom Deval terminated, stated that she felt Deval’s brother in law should register as an offender due to his conviction for raping his wife because “rape is rape.””

Wow. That is how you take down a political candidate. Game over, buddy. Run while you still have a reputation.


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