Home News Socal Business Owner Says “Raw Sewage” in Streets Creating “Health Crisis”

Socal Business Owner Says “Raw Sewage” in Streets Creating “Health Crisis”

by Paul Goldberg
Socal Business Owner Says “Raw Sewage” in Streets Creating “Health Crisis”

A Los Angeles business owner says she is at her wits’ end as local streets are piled with garbage and flooded with “raw sewage” by homeless people and squatters while lawmakers turn a blind eye.

Karen Hix, a lifelong resident of the area whose family has owned a business in the same location for over 100 years, says transients are being allowed to create a “health crisis” by officials in the sanctuary city.

Hix’s plight caught the eye of Tucker Carlson, who invited her onto his show to discuss the decay of her neighborhood and share photos of the filth.

“Some of these pictures are almost too disgusting to put on the screen, but we have a number of them of RVs – people are living those full-time?” Carlson asked.

“Yes, people are living in them full-time,” Hix confirmed. “You’ll notice there is raw sewage that is coming out. This raw sewage ends up in one place – in our gutters, which go down to our ocean. It’s more than an environmental crisis, it’s a health crisis down in this area.”

“I have reached out to our councilperson, Councilman [Curren] Price; I’ve reach out to Mayor [Eric] Garcetti, and as of today, they have not contacted me.”

A shocked Carlson asked Nix how someone such as Garcetti, who lives in Los Angeles, could not notice his city is falling apart.

“I would love to have a discussion about how, ‘You have invited them here to live on our streets and our sidewalks by disregarding the laws that are actually in place and not letting our law enforcement actually enforce these laws, so now you need to deal with what this has brought’ – that’s what I would love to say to them,” Hix responded, alluding to the city’s ‘sanctuary status’ for illegal aliens and vagrants.

Interestingly, the aforementioned Councilman Curren Price was recently awarded the 2018 “Champion for Change” award by the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN), in recognition of his work on behalf of “immigrant families” residing in the district.

“Councilman Price partnered with CARECEN from 2017-2018 to provide FREE legal service and filing fee assistance to individuals and families living in CD 9,” touts Price’s website. “The program helped nearly 600 South LA neighbors with their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and citizenship applications.”

California officially declared itself a ‘sanctuary state’ in January, 2018.

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