Home News ‘Science’ Is Proving Stay At Home Orders Kill, New Data Is Not Good For Shutdown States

‘Science’ Is Proving Stay At Home Orders Kill, New Data Is Not Good For Shutdown States

by Paul Goldberg
‘Science’ Is Proving Stay At Home Orders Kill, New Data Is Not Good For Shutdown States

Democrats like to use the term that they will use “science” to dictate how and when they reopen their states. Well, they better pay attention to “data” and “science” because new predictions show, they are killing people.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) released a new update to its epidemiological model that shows the total number of deaths will be around 75,000 by August 4th.

Just about half of the 6,432 projected increases in death are in five states, four of which have been hit the hardest, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Connecticut.

The update has shown a longer plateau of cases:

At least part of this increase is due to many states experiencing flatter and thus longer epidemic peaks. Further, updated data indicate that daily COVID-19 deaths are not falling very quickly after the peak, leading to longer tails for many states’ epidemic curves.

In combination – less abrupt peaks and slower declines in daily COVID-19 deaths following the peak – many places in the US could have higher cumulative deaths from the novel coronavirus. . .

Across the US, the predicted peak for daily COVID-19 deaths appeared to be on April 15, reaching 2,698 deaths. While most states seem to have passed their epidemic peaks, seven –Hawaii, Mississippi, Texas, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, and North Dakota – may be experiencing their peaks now or could be in the coming weeks.

More evidence is coming forward that lockdown orders may not have been as helpful as originally thought. Sweden has taken a “life must go on” approach and they are fairing in the middle. They have not been immune to the virus but have not spiked like Spain or Italy.

Per the population, they are falling in the middle, in a country of 10.3 million people they have 18,926 coronavirus cases and 2,274 deaths. Controlled for the population that’s 22 deaths per 100,000, which higher than their neighbors.

Swedish officials have just taken a different approach.

“The truth is that no one, no one in Sweden, no one elsewhere either, knows what the best strategy is. Time will tell,” said Lena Hallengren, Swedish Minister for Health and Social Affairs.

He told CNN that lockdowns “only serve to flatten the curve and flattening the curve doesn’t mean that cases disappear — they are just moved in time.”

“And as long as the healthcare system reasonably can cope with and give good care to the ones that need care, it’s not clear that having the cases later in time is better.”

Their biggest problem they have faced is the same problem being faced by other developed countries, the virus is ravaging nursing homes. Peter Lindgren, managing director at the Swedish Institute for Health Economics said that’s were the country has failed.

“What it failed at, I think, is that there has been disease transmitted into elderly care facilities. We have deaths occurring as a consequence of that.”

Hallengren, the Swedish health minister, told CNN: “One of the main concerns now in Sweden is to strengthen the protection for those living in care homes for older people.”

Democrats better get wise to the data because the deaths will be on their hands and lawsuits are a real thing.

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Written by Staff WriterApril 28, 2020

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