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‘Science’ Has Spoken! Doctors From 30 Countries Agree With Pres Trump, CNN’s Brian Stelter Looks Like A Fool

by Paul Goldberg

CNN’s Brian Stelter is a fool and said during his program over the weekend, “Historians will note the thrill in [Trump’s] voice when he announced he’s taking hydroxychloroquine, despite mounting evidence it doesn’t work against Covid-19 and could be harmful.”

As it turns out an international survey of thousands of doctors rated that the use of the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine is the best treatment to deal with the coronavirus.

Of 2,171 physicians surveyed, 37% of them said that hydroxychloroquine is the “most effective therapy” for combating the virus.

The New York Post reports:

The survey, conducted by the global health care polling company Sermo, also found that 23 percent of medical professionals had prescribed the drug in the US — far less than other countries.

“Outside the US, hydroxychloroquine was equally used for diagnosed patients with mild to severe symptoms whereas in the US it was most commonly used for high risk diagnosed patients,” the survey found.

The medicine was most widely used in Spain, where 72 percent of physicians said they had prescribed it.

During the survey, a total of 6,227 physicians were questioned in 30 countries about at least 15 treatments used for COVID-19.

Of the 2,171 doctors asked which drug is most effective, 37 percent said hydroxychloroquine. By contrast, 32 percent answered “nothing.”

Sermo CEO Peter Kirk called the polling results a “treasure trove of global insights for policymakers.”

“Physicians should have more of a voice in how we deal with this pandemic and be able to quickly share information with one another and the world,” he said in a press release.

The 30 countries where doctors were surveyed included Europe, South America and Australia — and no incentives were provided to participate, the company said.

Another drug is also showing promise, Remdesivir, it helps shorten the recovery time of the sickest patients infected with the Wuhan virus.

The drug works by interfering with an enzyme that reproduces the virus’s genetic makeup via an IV. In the preliminary use of Remdesivir the drug has been successful, it dropped mortality rates from 12% given a placebo to 7% that received the drug.

Researchers also found that the drug performs best when it is used before symptoms escalate and require a ventilator.

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Written by Staff WriterMay 25, 2020

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