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School teacher worries about ‘conservative’ parents overhearing indoctrination during ‘virtual’ classes

by J.C McCallum

The Daily Wire has posted a tweet from a school teacher in Philadelphia who is very worried about conservative parents overhearing his indoctrination of their children.

Or as he put it, he’s worried about the “damage” these “conservative” parents can do when they hear him “destabilizing” their “kid’s racism or homophobia or transphobia”:

School teacher worries about ‘conservative’ parents overhearing indoctrination during ‘virtual’ classes

To give you some idea of the blowback Matthew R. Kay received for his illuminating comments, he’s made his entire twitter account private.

But it wasn’t all bad as Matt Walsh notes.

Many teachers shared the same frustrations and explained how they would try and get around the situation:

It’s important to note that while some teachers responded to Kay’s comments with the appropriate level of horror and disgust, many others chimed in to share their own strategies for brainwashing during a pandemic.

One teacher said she’d also been “thinking about” the problem Kay described, and had decided that she’d ask students about their preferred pronouns via survey — though she still worries that “caregivers” might see it and learn something about their children that they weren’t supposed to know.

Another teacher said that students last semester would sometimes “type secrets into the chat” whenever the discussion turned to “anti-racism and gender inclusive content.”

Another complained that a white parent— she made sure to specify “white” — in her district recorded a Zoom class and “filed a complaint against the teacher for an anti-racist read aloud (saying the teacher’s commentary was inappropriate and biased).” This, the teacher says, “is going to be an issue.”

A ninth grade teacher shared in the commiseration, saying that her class required students to “read and respond to a news article,” but that participation in this exercise is stunted now because “outsiders” are “listening.”

The “outsiders,” to be clear, are the children’s parents. A teacher with pronouns listed in her Twitter handle said that she plans to use the chat function more than voice lectures because she wants children to share “information” with her in a “parentless way.”

A science teacher agreed with all of the sentiments expressed here and summarized it bluntly: “Parents are dangerous.”

This is why homeschooling or private schooling is really the only answer to protect children from these radical leftist indoctrination predators that lurk in so many school systems around the country.

Think about it.

When I was growing up there was a push to silence teachers from speaking about Christianity in the classroom.

And that battle is still being waged by anti-Christian leftists.

Today teachers can’t talk about their Christian faith to children in the classroom, but they can indoctrinate them with the secular religion of the left which includes white privilege, homosexuality, transgenderism, and this stupid pronoun garbage.

And let’s not forget about global warming and those incredibly disturbing sex-ed classes.

Public classrooms in many areas aren’t simply for learning anymore.

They are brainwashing facilities that seek to eradicate God and Christianity from the hearts and minds of children.

This is why we are having so many problems these days with riots and violence from these useful idiots who think communism is the answer.

It’s almost as if American liberals looked at the Chinese and how they made their country communistic and atheistic and figured out a way to do that very thing here by using our education system.

This is why leftists hate homeschooling.

This is why they want to keep propping up the failed public school system and not allow parents to send their children to charter schools using taxpayer money.

This is why Matthew R. Kay is worried about conservative parents overhearing what he’s teaching their children because it could blow the whole system up.

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