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Romney Is Trying To Play Kiss And Make Up With President Trump

by Paul Goldberg

Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) is trying to play kiss and make up with President Trump after his spiteful comments about the President’s phone call with Ukraine in recent weeks.

These two have been clashing since the presidential primary in 2016 but, on Thursday Senator Romney attended lunch at the personal invite of the President.

President Trump also asked Romney to start legislation to curb vaping products. Romney said, “It was a very delightful meeting with the president and vice president and senior members of his staff and several Republican senators. We were able to talk about vaping and considered various options, and each of us spoke about our thoughts in that regard.”

The press asked Romney after the lunch if the President brought up the tension between the two that has occurred for the years. At first, Romney said, “nope” but, then added, “yes, of course.” The media was looking for anything negative and then asked if he shook the President’s hand. Romney replied, “We’re friendly and cordial.”

Romney even joked about the President tweeting that “he is a pompous ‘ass’ who has been fighting me from the beginning.”

“That’s as accurate as it is irrelevant,” Romney told reporters that asked him about the President’s comments. (This coming from the man with a fake twitter account set up to defend himself).

The Hill reports:

Trump courteously listened to Romney’s ideas on curbing vaping products, an issue that has become prominent since the vaping-related deaths of nearly 50 people and illnesses affecting more than 2,000 people this year.

“I expressed my point of view, which is that I thought that there is a great deal of support for removing, if you will, the candy flavors. And while there may not be a lot of support for removing the menthol flavor, then I hope we can make progress on those places where there is general support,” Romney said. 

Senator Susan Collins was also in attendance with Romney and they both said the President did discuss impeachment but it was nothing the President had not said in public.

Watch him, President Trump! The guy is as fake as a three dollar bill.

The Hill

Written by Staff WriterNovember 21, 2019

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