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Report Exposes Organization Funding Street Activists Has Ties To Biden Campaign

by Paul Goldberg
Report Exposes Organization Funding Street Activists Has Ties To Biden Campaign

Sloan Rachmuth just published a damning report that shows the Biden campaign has ties to a leftist organization that is funding street activists.

Rachmuth exposes that the Ford Foundation – claiming to be America’s second-largest private foundation – has dumped $2 billion into groups that are “disrupting systems to advance social justice,” according to their own grant database.

It just so happens that key members of the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign are alumni executives of the Ford Foundation.

Rachmuth reports:

Harris’s sister and ex-campaign chairwoman Maya Harris served as the Ford foundation’s vice president alongside Biden’s now senior advisor, Cristóbal Alex, who served as its program director during the Obama presidency.

Some of Obama’s top staffers are now Ford Foundation’s top staffers. Taara Rangarajan, now Ford’s chief of staff, served as Obama’s national security advisor from 2013-2016.

Before that, she served as a special assistant to Susan Rice during the Benghazi affair.

Another Ford exec, Xavier de Souza Briggs, served as President Obama’s associate director of the Office of Management and Budget.

In her report published on the Federalist Rachmuth documents how the Ford Foundation has funded “street agitators.”

During the final months of the Obama presidency, Ford Foundation gave prominent leaders of the communist Workers World Party (WWP) funding to form the Southern Vision Alliance (SVA), a collective of activists that includes members of the group raining down terror in Charlotte last week at the RNC convention.

Shortly after getting $200,000 from the Ford Foundation in 2016, these activists performed one of the first violent and illegal teardowns of a historic monument in the country, in Durham, North Carolina.

After the activists were arrested and charged for rioting and property damage, they are being defended in court, for free, by lawyers from another Ford grantee: the Southern Coalition for Social Justice.

Flush with Ford Foundation cash, these activists continue to promote property destruction and violence during demonstrations.

Rachmuth goes on to describe how the Ford Foundation has donated to Marxist-Leninist groups that wish to “end to the Capitalist system in the United States,” according to its now-scrubbed web page.

She also documents how the left-wing foundation has been at the forefront of defunding the police.

Click here to read her entire report it’s amazing.

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