Home News Reporter Uses Shocking Old Footage To Out CNN’s ‘Expert’ Exposing Her As A Terrorist

Reporter Uses Shocking Old Footage To Out CNN’s ‘Expert’ Exposing Her As A Terrorist

by Paul Goldberg
Reporter Uses Shocking Old Footage To Out CNN’s ‘Expert’ Exposing Her As A Terrorist

CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour was hosting a guest on CNN international and interviewed an “expert” who is the Iranian vice president for women and global affairs Massoumeh Ebtekar on Tuesday. However, CNN failed to mention her deep ties to terrorism for the Iran regime and old footage has come out proving she herself is a terrorist.

Amanpour asked Ebtekar what is Iran’s response to Americans calling for de-escalation, and people did not like her answer and neither will you. NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck had the best response and said, “Ebtekar took that question and offered a long-winded answer that gushed over CNN showing ‘millions who are marching in support and in commemoration of…the Commander of the Hearts’ against the Americans having ‘taken a terrorist action’ in ‘assassinat[ing]’ Soleimani.”

What CNN didn’t tell you was that Ebtekar was the spokeswoman for the terrorists in 1979 that held 52 Americans hostage and made comments stating she would kill Americans. Ebtekar part of the group and was picked because she could speak English. 

Reporter M. Hanif Jazayeri exposed Ebtekar using old footage of her declaring that she would kill Americans if needed.

A reporter is heard asking, “Could you personally lift up a gun and put it to the head of one of these people and kill him?”

Ebtekar simply responded, “Yes.”

Also during the interview, Ebtekar refers to the elimination of Soleimani as a “terrible assassination.”

I am lost for words this point at what has been going on with the Democrats and the media that last few days. On Tuesday night CNN and MSNBC are reporting Iranian propaganda as fact. Rep. Omar laughs as another Democrat discusses American military fatalities in Iraq and then claims she has PTSD. Now, this!

None of this is going to help the Democrats as we get closer to the 2020 Presidential elections. People are going to remember what the democrats and the media have done and the Left is going to pay a price.

Below is the 1979 full remarks of Ebtekar in context, we are not going to post the interview with Amanpour because we are no longer linking to Iranian propaganda.

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Written by Staff WriterJanuary 9, 2020

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