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Report From Norway and South Africa Undermines Everything Biden Is Trying To Do

by Paul Goldberg
Report From Norway and South Africa Undermines Everything Biden Is Trying To Do

As Biden imposes mandates and Fauci insists on enforcing draconian polices there is somethings they are trying to keep quiet.

The Omicron variant outbreak in Norway occurred on November 26, 2021 at Christmas party organized by a renewable energy company called Scatec. To attend the party you had to be fully vaccinated and test negative before attending. It has been reported that at least 13 in Oslo were infected with the variant and that number will rise to 60.

“This party has been a superspreader event,” Preben Aavitsland, a senior physician at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, told reporters.

“Our working hypothesis is that at least half of the 120 participants were infected with the Omicron variant during the party. This makes this, for now, the largest Omicron outbreak outside South Africa.”

The first person in Oslo confirmed as infected had attended the party, where at least one employee had just returned from South Africa. All the attendees were fully vaccinated and had tested negative before the event.

There is some good news that is not being reported either. According to local reports in South Africa 70% of hospital admissions were for non-COVID reasons. The in hospital coronavirus death rate is 6.6% compared to 23% during previous waves, and despite the sky rocketing cases the average hospital stay has dropped from 8.5 days to 2.8 days.

The report did note that the data only represents the first two weeks of the Omicron wave in Tshwane however the early results are encouraging. Officials have stated that in the next two weeks they should have enough information to draw conclusions about how serious the new variant is.

Other encourage data is showing that “over the last two weeks is that the majority of patients in the COVID wards have not been oxygen dependent. SARS-CoV-2 has been an incidental finding in patients that were admitted to the hospital for another medical, surgical or obstetric reason.”

In other words, as of the writing of this post, patients infected with the new variant do not need as much oxygen support and cases are being discovered when a person is admitted for other reasons.

All of this informations blows up the narrative and policies being issued by Biden and the Democrats.

Written by Staff Writer

December 5, 2021

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