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Rep. Ilhan Omar Intros Bill To Criminalize Police Using Force To Stop Protesters & ‘Modify’ The Insurrection Act

by Paul Goldberg
Rep. Ilhan Omar Intros Bill To Criminalize Police Using Force To Stop Protesters & ‘Modify’ The Insurrection Act

Rep. Ilhan Omar is enabling chaos and destruction, she has introduced a bill that would criminalize police using force and handcuff the President from using the military.

Last week, Omar proudly wrote, “We need to criminalize violence against protesters. Pass it on.”

This week she boasted a bill to criminally charge police that use force against protestors. The language in the bill was very particular as well, she is not talking about police using excessive force, the bill states any force.

Her press release of the bill reads:

Bill to Criminalize Police Violence Against Protesters This legislation will allow any officer who kills or causes bodily harm to a civilian during the response to a protest to be charged with a federal crime. We must ensure that the constitutional right to protest is duly protected, not threatened or stifled by law enforcement officers.

“This week we’ve watched the police use excessive force against nonviolent protesters, indiscriminately deploying pepper spray, tear gas, batons, and rubber bullets,” Rep. Omar said. “We can no longer stand by and watch the constitutional rights of Americans get trampled and individuals harmed. Congress must act to ensure the first amendment is protected and that law enforcement officers are held accountable for harm caused during their response to protests”

Protesters are starting to attack anyone videotaping their demonstrations to conceal how violent their actions are. Even a self-proclaimed gay, progressive, Wisconsin State Senator was beaten for taking a quick video of a protest.

Her bill would also modify the Insurrection Act and handcuff the/any President:

Amending the Insurrection Act (co-lead by CPC Co-Chairs Rep. Mark Pocan and Rep. Pramila Jayapal) This legislation will amend the Insurrection Act, curtailing the Trump’s ability to deploy the military domestically without Congressional consent. It will prevent the President from having unilateral power to declare protesters a threat to society and deploying troops against American citizens for no reason other than to enforce his person principles.

Rather than sending leading our country with integrity and decency in this tumultuous time, the President has all but declared war on his own citizens,” Rep. Omar said. “Trump threatened to evoke the Insurrection Act, statute that gives him authority to deploy active military members of any branch to intervene in civil unrest. That law is meant to protect the civil rights, having been deployed in the past to intervene when states refused to implement federal desegregation law. But Trump is willing to twist that policy and use it instead to trample civil rights and enforce his own political will.”

Naturally, since her bill would prevent police from stopping looting and chaos neighborhoods would be left in shambles so she was sure to add a government handout to neighbors that have been pillaged. The legislation includes a federal relief fund that will rebuild communities after the riots destroyed them:

Federal Relief Fund This  legislation will create an Emergency Relief Fund specifically for communities trying to rebuild after social and civil rights crises, a fund that cities and businesses can apply to for grants to get them back on their feet. Abandoning those who have faced financial consequences only sets the stage for future conflict.

“We have a moral responsibility to help communities heal economically,” Rep. Omar said. “Minneapolis’s economy has been ravaged. Families are struggling to find places to buy food, local shop owners fear they’ll never been open their doors again, and many workers find themselves without a job to return to. The situation facing our city stems from a long history of discrimination, prejudice and violence in the community. It is no less worthy of federal relief than communities facing natural disasters or the COVID-19 pandemic.  But we cannot rely on a Presidential Emergency Declaration to help direct FEMA resources to riot relief. Our current President has proven we cannot depend on such intervention. So Congress must step in.”

Written by Staff WriterJune 24, 2020

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