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Professor sues university alleging political bias

by Paul Goldberg
Professor sues university alleging political bias

An Oklahoma State University professor said she experienced systematic political bias when she returned to the school after a brief stint working for the Trump administration.

The story: Whitney Bailey, a professor of adulthood and aging, said she faced discrimination from school administrators, whom a review committee found had engaged in “systematic failure to follow university policy” regarding Bailey, resulting in Bailey losing paid gigs which she put on hold due to her work in the government.

In response, Bailey filed a First Amendment lawsuit against the school, its provost, dean, department, and assistant department heads, who were in charge of Bailey’s promotion when she returned, according to The College Fix.

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Bailey took an unpaid leave of absence from the university when she was offered a position at the Department of Health and Human Services, where she worked for a little more than a year.

“According to the suit, while with HHS, Bailey kept in contact with OSU officials to push for a promotion in the College of Human Sciences. Despite positive feedback and accolades for her work, she says she was denied because of her position in HHS and her Republican Party membership. That denial she argues is a violation of her First Amendment rights,” News9 reported.

Jarrod Noftsger, Bailey’s assistant department head, has allegedly called the president a “fictional movie villain” and said “we can’t have nice things” due to her conservative views.

According to the lawsuit, the university’s review committee said those officials “distressed, confused and humiliated” Bailey.

Not only has OSU denied her the promotion that her achievements objectively deserve, she argues, but several organizations and projects that paid her income have also refused to have her back.

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