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Pres Trump’s Fulfills Promise & Forces Rachel Maddow To Eat Her Words (Video)

by Paul Goldberg

This week President Trump came through with a promise he made last week and it has forced Rachel Maddow to eat her words.

On Monday the United States Navy hospital ship, Comfort arrived in New York City. The ship’s mission will be to treat non-coronavirus patients, opening up bed spaces at local hospitals so they can focus on the Chinese coronavirus.

The ship was scheduled for maintenance that was expected to take weeks however, the Navy got it done in days.

“After being rushed out of maintenance with historic speed — it was supposed to be here for four weeks, and they did it in four days — the Comfort will arrive at Pier 90 in Manhattan on Monday, three weeks ahead of schedule.  Its crew will begin treating patients on Tuesday.  It will be met in New York Harbor by Governor Cuomo, who I just spoke with; he’s very excited — and they need the help,” President Trump said.

Last week, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow claimed that the USNS Comfort would not be in New York in a week and that President Trump is a liar. Maddow said, “Trump said “one of those ships will be operational in New York harbor by next week.. That’s nonsense it will not be there next week”

Well, I would hate to inform her but, on Monday the ship arrived in New York after being at sea for two days.

Eat your words Maddow.

The Hill

Written by Staff WriterMarch 30, 2020

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