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Phone Call Leaked Of Biden Lawyer Advising How To Combat Religious Exemption

by Paul Goldberg
Phone Call Leaked Of Biden Lawyer Advising How To Combat Religious Exemption

The White House is in a scramble after a phone call between the White House and a DOJ lawyer was leaked to OAN reporter Jack Posobiec.

Biden lawyer Marty Lederman was advising White House officials on how to deal with the vaccine mandate imposed on federal workers and what to do with people applying for religious exemption.

The mRNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer were tested on a cell line that was grown from tissue from an aborted baby. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was developed using tissue from an aborted baby. The revelation of this is causing millions of Christians to turn down the COVID-19 vaccines.

Lederman warns officials that New York state has already struggled with their healthcare worker mandate because it did not allow a religious exemption. The doctors and nurses are being represented by the Thomas More Society and the defendants say using the vaccine is a sin because tissue from aborted babies was used in the process of their development.

“I don’t want to say anything too categorical but I believe that this claim will be very difficult for agencies to successfully claim that’s either insincere or not religious, even if it is,” Lederman said. “Even if we know that many of those claims are not sincere, or are sincere but not religions, this is the most common behavior you’re going to confront probably, and it’s likely that you will have to take as a given the employee’s claim.”

“Not always, right, but one response that some hospitals have started to give is, ‘well do you know that Tylenol, and Tums, and Preparation H, those were all tested using aborted fetal cell lines, too.’ And I expect that employees will then say ‘well I didn’t know that, but now that you tell me that and I’ll stop using those products as well,’” Lederman added.

“And then we will turn to the, ‘what does the government have to do once the employee makes that shown.’ And here, basically there is a compelling interest, obviously, in keeping our workforce and the public with which we interact safe from COVID.”

The White House wants to be the determining factor of what an Americans religious belief is not the individual.

The phone took place in September after Biden imposed a mandate on all federal employees.

You can listen to the entire phone call below.

Written by Staff Writer

October 20, 2021

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