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Pelosi Just Waved The White Flag Signals She Will Stop Holding America Hostage

by Paul Goldberg

Almost immediately people were furious with the Democrat Party on Sunday when Pelosi blew up the coronavirus relief bill negotiations. That action destroyed the ability to get critical funding to Americans suffering during the coronavirus pandemic.

Just one day after Schumer and Pelosi tried to push a massive liberal slush fund, Pelosi signaled during an interview that House Democrats need to approve whatever the Senate puts together. Her statements follow Chuck Schumer’s statement that a deal with Republicans and the President will be done by Wednesday.

Pelosi claiming that the administration agreed to oversight is cover, the President already agreed to oversight in the previous bill. Public reaction to Pelosi was severe Republican Senators ripped the Democrats, even the mainstream media ignored what happened because they couldn’t spin it.

Another sign that Pelosi has waived the white flag is that AOC is furious. Not long after Pelosi made her remarks on CNBC AOC wrote, “The developments of this Senate relief bill are concerning. We are hearing lots of vague statements, but not a single member of Congress has seen actual bill text. It seems to give a *HALF TRILLION DOLLARS* away to big corporations, w/ few worker protections. Half a trillion.”

Her buddy Rep. Ilhan Omar followed suit, “Any rescue package must: 1) Cancel student debt 2) Fund losses for small businesses and local governments 3) Ban evictions and foreclosures 4) Ban stock buybacks and executive bonuses. We need a groundswell of support for these critical measures! Call your Rep: (202) 224-3121

Rep. Omar doesn’t realize people called their representatives and told them if they don’t knock this BS off the Democrats can kiss the House goodbye in November. 


Written by Staff WriterMarch 24, 2020

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